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  1. In 3-5 sentences, reflect on what struck you or stood out to you the most from this week’s readings and why.
    1. Which connections did you make between this week’s readings and previous readings / discussions we have had over the course of the semester?
  1. In 3-5 sentences, comment on the important role of cultural specificity in considering and addressing mental health and mental health disorders through a biosocial lens.
  1. In a substantive paragraph, discuss the relationship between structural violence, mental health outcomes and inequitable physical health outcomes globally.
    1. Be sure to use specific examples to illustrate and support your reflections.
  1. In a substantive paragraph, discuss how the social theory of utilitarianism has both supported/justified and challenged the fight against and treatment of tuberculosis globally.
    1. Be sure to use specific examples to illustrate and support your reflections.

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Question 1
The most significant part of the reading was the section introducing the Disability
Adjusted Life Years. Becker et al. (2013) indicate that the DALY defines the disease nuance and
complexity- discerns the health losses that stem from injury or disease. Integrating DALY into
the global health policy has improved health policy and practice reimaging global health.
Furthermore, the DALY neglects the social suffering from the disease impacts but focuses on
disability-free lives lost (Becker et al. 2013). These insights relate to the previous readings by
shedding light on the significance and limitations of the DALY in reimaging global health and
integrating this approach into the global health policy that influences global health equity.
Question 2
Culture specificity impacts the consideration and addressing of mental illnesses through a
biosocial lens by influencing how society perceives mental illness, health-improvement
behaviors, and the mental health system. Becker et al. (2013) argue that the reductive biological
view and perception of mental health assessment in Western countries impact the culture-specific
recognition of mental health. In other words, cultural specificity influences what mental health
aspects constitute a problem, its comprehension, and the appropriateness of solutions. In
societies like China, where the culture places less significance on mental health challenges,
culture-specificity impacts health approaches to mitigate mental health challenges in the ...

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