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Resource: Organization or Facility used in Risk and Threat Assessment from Week One

Write a 1,750- to 2,100-word paper in which you apply the concepts of organizational behavior and management in designing an organizational security plan. Your design should be consistent with organizational behavior and management theory and practices and include for the Security Department:

  • A mission
  • Vision
  • Goals
  • Code of ethics
  • Structure or organization chart
  • Staffing needs
  • Roles and responsibilities of personnel
  • Applicable discussion of leadership, processes, communication, and organizational behavior

Note: The key elements above apply to the organization's security department, not the organization.

Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines.

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Running head: RISK AND THREAT ASSESSMENT Risk and Threat Assessment Judy Slayman SEC/481 August 21, 2017 Raymond Brown 1 RISK AND THREAT ASSESSMENT 2 Risk and Threat Assessment General Mills Company is a multinational organization based in the United States that deals with the manufacture and marketing of branded consumer goods such as food items and Cheerios that are sold through retail stores. The headquarters is located in Minnesota in Golden Valley. General Mills is a well-established company that attracts customers from all over the world (General Mills, 2017). The management of the company has facilitated to the growth and achievements of many different set objectives. One of the emphasized approaches of the management is the security of the firm’s assets: buildings, workers, information systems, and equipment, as well as their products. Analyzing the company by ways such as the SWOT analyses and risk metric assessments helps in ensuring the achievement of their objectives. “By analyzing your organization’s strengths and weaknesses and the opportunities and threats helps focus on the strengths, minimize threats, and takes the greatest possible advantage of opportunities available to the company “Fallon (2017). Security Organizational Overview Security of the General Mills Company is a great concern. The company secures among other things, its assets such as its buildings, workers, information systems and equipment to name a few. Organizational assets are important as they lead to the performance of different functions within the organization. Without the assets, the firm may not be able to carry out the designated responsibilities of the workers. The equipment and all other technology purchased by the company help in the achievement RISK AND THREAT ASSESSMENT 3 of their goals. Therefore, it is important that the employees and management take good care of their assets by ensuring that they are safe from harm and damage. Since the employees are the ones that use the assets or equipment while performing their responsibilities, they are actively involved in the maintenance process of the purchased products. The workers are required to report any or all of the damages on any equipment that they use. General Mills Company initiated a program in which they reward the employees who have a good record of maintaining the available assets. General Mills Company ensures the security of the workers. By using physical security to keep the employees safe, while they work on the company property. By mandating a program, that makes it a priority for the employees to first maintain their safety, before they embark on performing their responsibilities. The safety clothing and other safety precautions are a mandatory requirement for the workers at all times while at the work site. In the same way, the management has established a team that deals with the safety of the employees. This team ensures that all the necessary safety precautions are used at all times. It is also the directive of the team to reward and punish the workers accordingly in respect to following the correct safety procedures. Security is a major factor in the running of a firm and the realization of the set objectives. In such, the General Mills Company ensures that everything is secure to evade damages and loss that could result to poor management. Lack of security in the business is harmful, and it always deters the development. Therefore, every company with the aim to thrive should follow the steps set by the General Mills of taking security as an important factor in their development. Prioritized Assessment RISK AND THREAT ASSESSMENT 4 SWOT analysis is an important technique that helps one to understand his or her strengths and weaknesses, and as well identify both the opportunities that are open to him or her and the threats one is likely to face (Allison, 2015). The analyses have helped many organizations to note what they have, what they need, what they can have and what hinders them from achieving their goals. Practicing SWOT analyses is particularly powerful in that it can help one uncover opportunities that are available for them to exploit. In the same way by understanding the weakness of the ongoing business, one can eliminate and manage the threats that can easily catch one unaware. One can also use the analyses to compare their business with those of others, and they will be in a better position to compete successfully in the market. Strengths, Weaknesses, Threats, and Vulnerabilities Strengths in a business setting mean the areas, which it can perform better as compared to the other firms. The areas may include marketing of the products, the manufacture of quality products, the location of the business, employees, or even the assets in the organization. The management of the firm should be familiar with the strengths so that they can utilize them for the better performance of the business and be in a better place to compete effectively with other business of the same kind. An organization that uses its strengths efficiently performs well and outdoes other competing firms by attracting many customers. Weakness in a business environment means the area where the firm is not able to perform efficiently or to the full expectation of clients. The area may include lack of enough assets, unqualified employees, inadequate technology, poor location and bad public image. Understanding the weakness in the firm is necessary so that the RISK AND THREAT ASSESSMENT 5 management can know how to cope with them and remain relevant in the market (Sanchez, 2012). If the management does not improve the weakness in the firm, competitors may utilize them to outdo the firm from the market. Therefore, understanding the weakness in the firm management is essential so that the appropriate measures can be taken to manage them accordingly. Threats and opportunities are the future endeavors that may either facilitate the success of the business or lead to failure. Threats should be avoided while opportunities should be utilized to the maximum for the achievement of the set goals. Strengths are the areas where the firm enjoys and helps it to be in a better position to advance as compared to the other businesses in the industry. General Mills has the strength of enjoying little bargaining power of suppliers (Sanchez, 2012). Being a large company, General Mills can buy its supplies in bulk and hence at a lower price compared to other small firms that are only able to buy their supplies in small amounts. Having stayed in the industry for almost a century, General Mills has attained financial stability to help it acquire the latest technology and hence manufacture quality goods for the customers. Therefore, the company always has an added advantage over its competitors. In the process of its operations, General Mills have also experienced some weakness. One of the weaknesses is the currency rates fluctuations in the United States. When the currency rates are low, the profit made by the company goes down which might hinder the advancement of the enterprise regarding acquiring new technology or motivating its employees. Another weakness of General Mills is that it is constrained by the market of the United States (Allison, 2015). This limits the number of RISK AND THREAT ASSESSMENT 6 customers that the company can access and hence some sales made which brings about the profit made. For any business to compete effectively in today’s highly competitive market, it must be able to analyze its strengths, weakness, opportunity and the threats it faces or is likely to face. This will not only help the management to plan to utilize the opportunities but also manage the threats facing the company. SWOT analysis has been of much contributed to the companies that fully use it in its operation. Influence of Crime, National, and Global Issues General Mills has faced some challenges such as security, national and global issues. Crime in the United States and other places where the company has established retailers affects the performance of the company. As such, the management collaborates with the government to ensure that they minimize the incidents. Criminal activities usually delay the growth of a firm since they are unplanned loss and destruction of property. Even though there have not been many incidents of crime in America, other countries where the company has branches face the risk of offense and hence discouraging the potential customers. Other issues that affect the performance are both national and global challenges such as climate change, natural phenomenon, and fall of economic activities. National issues such as political demonstrations and protests slow down the performance of business activities, and thus General Mills is affected in the same way. Other domestic factors in the United States that affect the performance of General Mills include economic environment set by the government to facilitate the running of the business. Global issues include crimes in other countries, the set regulations set for operation of RISK AND THREAT ASSESSMENT the firm and the culture of different communities. The political environment of a country in which a business enterprise is located can affect the operations either directly or indirectly (Cherunilam, 2010). Politicians are known to be very influential as they easily sway the minds of people. In the case where the country is experiencing political up wrangles, it is hard for business to thrive. 7 RISK AND THREAT ASSESSMENT References Allison, M., & Jude, K. (2015). Strategic planning for nonprofit organizations: a Practical guide and workbook. Hoboken, N. J.: Wiley. Cherunilam, F. (2010). Business Environment. Mumbai, India: Himalaya Publishing House. Fallon, N. (2017). SWOT Analysis: What it is and when to use it. Retrieved from General Mills (2017). A U.S.-based food company. Retrieved from http://www. Sanchez, R., & Jorg, F. (2012). A focused issue on the marketing process in organizational competence. Amsterdam: Elsevier JAI. 8 ...
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Organizational Security Plan
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General Mills Company is a global firm that has established its root with its potential
customers. Due to its massive customer demand, the company has established a need to have an
imperative security plan by empowering its security department to execute its obligations and
mandates without fear or favor. The entire security plan shall entail various elements that will see
it become the most effective security plans of time. According to Baskerville, Spagnoletti, and
Kim (2014), an organization security plan ensures major resources are protected and although
company security department is independent, it works mutually with other departments to ensure
the safety of the company prevails.
Designing an Organizational Security Plan
Since the crime within the United States of America along with other places in which the
firm has put its retailers affects the performance of the entire company, there is need to develop a
very comprehensive organization security plan. This will go a long way in overcoming
challenges that the firm has based on the national as well as global issues. In view of the above,
the security plan will ensure that the management collaborates with the administration of the day
to minimize such common incidents that typically delay the growth and expansion of the firm.
This will be a breakthrough for both local and international company branches for efficient
Similarly, there are other related issues which are mutually inclusive in the security plan
which affect the performance at both local and global arena. These challenges include climate
change, fall of economic activities, as well as the natural phenomenon whose effects cannot be
underestimated. The plan, therefore, will work tiresomely on national and global issues that



would otherwise slow down the effectiveness of business activities entire General Mills is
affected in a similar manner.
Other household factors in the United States of America that the security department will
look upon that affect the performance of General Mills comprise of economic environment that
is positioned by the administration to assist running the company. Global issues comprise of
crimes in other nations, the set regulations for the function of the company and the culture of
diverse communities. The political setting of a nation in which a company enterprise is situated
might have an effect on the operations either indirectly or directly. Politicians are...

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