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We are continuing to become connected with Internet of Things (IoT) where every device is connected to the Internet as part of our information infrastructure. We generate huge amount of data as corporation are looking at these data as a decision-support system, resource allocation, and operations. Companies are using information gleaned from IoT-connected devices, for example, Fitbit or an Apple Watch has sensors that track fitness activities connected via wireless to smart phones and Internet. This information are shared with third-party marketers such Cambridge Analytica. The IoT has added ethical dilemma on privacy. How will you feel if you were in a restaurant or grocery store and received a text message providing discounts or coupons for low-calorie behavior implied that weight loss is one of your goal? What is your opinion about IoT where just about every device is connected to the Internet?

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IoT answer
If I were seated in a restaurant and received a text message providing me with
coupons and/or discounts for low calorie diets while weight loss was a current goal that I am
trying to achieve, I would be thrilled. In my opinion, the internet is supposed to make our
lives much easier. These algorithms are designed to analyse all the data that we input through
methods such as search histories and provide us with custom advertisements. However, I do
believe that one should be given a choice and personally decide on what data the ...

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