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  • Imagine you are seeking information on a new car that you are thinking of buying. Determine the level of trust that you would place in information provided by the following: a salesman at the car lot, the dealer’s Website, social media (i.e. Facebook), an associate from work, and finally a close friend. Discuss the key factors involved in assessing the amount of trust that you put into each.
  • If you were in a position to persuade another person, explain whether or not you would slant information in such a way as to make your point seem more credible if you sincerely believed that your position was correct. Discuss the primary ethical dilemmas that this scenario could cause for both you and the person whom you are trying to persuade.

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Ethics and Trust in Critical Thinking Decisions.
Trust is the mental state involving acceptance of someone else’s belief in some actions,
words and decisions and the willingness to abide by them. Trust can be classified into three
different levels namely; deterrence-based trust, knowledge-based trust and identity based trust.
The salesman at the car lot, the dealer’s website and the social media belong to the
deterrence-based le...

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