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I'm working on a art project and need a sample draft to help me learn.

Each Lesson Plan must include:

1. A GENERAL OBJECTIVE (What do you intend for this lesson to teach your students? This is an important part - It will show your administration that you're not just giving your students "busy work.")

2. PROJECT'S CONTENT (Describe the Art Project's content.)

3. ACTIVITY PROCEDURES (*Step by step...What will the children do during this lesson?)


5. CLEAN UP PROCEDURES (This is important. It will help you prevent behavioral problems. Believe me, you'll thank me one day.)

6. EVALUATION PROCEDURES (This is very important for you as a teacher to be able to show your administration...and parents! HOW you grade the children.) EVERY evaluation should have a rubric included. The contents of the rubric will change as the ages of your children change. The types of art projects you create will also change the evaluation rubric. Below is exactly how I want your evaluation rubric to look...However, do not copy and paste the example! Write your own!

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Please view explanation and answer below.Here is the lesson plan. It is 2 pages long and I tried to be as thorough as possible while also making a fun and educational project for young kids. Hope this helps!

Lesson Plan for Elementary Art Students
Learning Objective: To understand how to create a collage to show a visual representation of a theme,
to learn how to identify and collate complimentary colors.
Project Content: Create a collage out of old magazines or newspapers to show what students are
interested in or what they want to see in their future using two main complimentary colors (red/green,
yellow/purple, orange/blue) by overlapping cut outs and gluing them down.
Activity Procedure:
1. The teacher will describe what a collage is and show examples of collages via a projector or
printed images that can be passed around. The teacher may also make an example according to
the project description to show students what expectations are.
2. Each student will be instructed to look for images they find interesting (for example, what they
want to be when they grow up or things they want to try) and/or things they want to see in their
future (cars, careers, pets, objects).
3. Students will be shown a color wheel of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and taught
what complimentary colors are and why they compliment each other. The students will be able

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