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Resources: A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge, final project charter and final project plan

(see attached word doc for project)

Write a 1,400- to 2,100-word Project Implementation Plan for the project selected by the Learning Team in Week 2 which will also be used for the final implementation plan for the Project Selection Paper Assignment. Part 1 of the plan must include the following sections:

  • Human Resources Plan: Complete the human resources plan for the project as defined in section 9.1.3 (Develop Human Resources Plan) in A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge. This plan should include roles and responsibilities, a project organization chart, and a staffing management plan. Your plan should:
    • Analyze the roles and responsibilities in the following areas: Role, Authority, Responsibility, and Competency which are needed to complete a project.
    • Create a project organization chart that displayed project team members and their reporting relationships.
    • Create a staffing management plan that included how human resource management requirements will be met by including when and how project team members will be acquired and how long they will be needed.
  • Quality Management Plan: Complete the quality management plan as defined in section 8.1.3 (Plan Quality: Outputs) in A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge. This plan should include the quality management plan for implementing the organization's quality policy and the quality metrics. Your plan should:
    • Examine how the organization's quality policies will be implemented.
    • Examine how the project management team plans to meet the quality requirements set for the project.
  • Procurement Plan: Complete the procurement plan as defined in section, titled Procurement Management Plan, in A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge. This plan should identify the types of external resources that must be secured, the process for selecting and managing these external resources, and the metrics to evaluate the external resources. Your plan should:
    • Examine how a project team will acquire goods and services from outside the performing organization.
    • Examine how the procurement processes will be managed from developing procurement documents through contract closure.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. Tables may be used to format and organize the implementation plan. They can be included within the plan rather than at the end as normally required by APA guidelines.

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Preliminary Project Charter Worksheet CPMGT/305 Version 12 1 University of Phoenix Material Preliminary Project Charter Worksheet Complete this project charter worksheet according to the instructions in section 4.1 of A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge. Preliminary Project Charter Worksheet CPMGT/305 Version 12 2 Project title: Preliminary Project Charter Worksheet High-level project scope The Fall Festival, 2017 plans to hold a community fun fair event in Memphis from 3 rd October to 15th October. The aim of holding the 12 day project is to showcase talents through arts and crafts, educate the community, promote trade, engage in competitions and outdoor activities, have fun as well as enhance unity in the community. Opportunity to be realized by the project The main aim of holding the community event is to unite the community as well as appreciate talent through arts and crafts and entertainment. Project purpose/ Justification Activities such as arts & crafts, unique gifts for sale, live music and entertainment, availing tasty food and lots of fun games are meant to bring about unity and harmony in the society. Moreover, the event will help create a sense of responsibility among the society members. Businesses that avail their products and services at the event will also benefit from the sales made. The artistes, cooks as well as participants who will showcase their talents and abilities at the event will also benefit from exposure as well as excellent networking opportunities to boost their art. Measurable project objectives Trade fairs and exhibitions – The trade expos and exhibitions will showcase and promote talent and abilities as well as the products and services offered by various business persons and organizations. By showcasing various arts and crafts, the people with the creative ideas behind the art will be appreciate and commended. Preliminary Project Charter Worksheet CPMGT/305 Version 12 3 Fun activities – When families unite and come together to enjoy arts and crafts, music and dance as well as play games, people will feel a sense of responsibility towards one another and this will promote unity and oneness. Innovation and creativity – The event will help bring on board myriad ideas which will help boost the creativity. High-level requirements To achieve this fun fair project, there will be need for capital funding. There will also be a need to engage various stakeholders who include event organizers, the management team, musicians as well as other stakeholders. High-level risks The greatest risk of this project is financial constraints. It is quite impossible to exactly ascertain the exact amount to budget for the occasion and on the eventful day, the budgeted funds may fall short of the requirements needed. Acquiring resources comes with a cost and there is need to budget appropriately. Inadequacy of resources especially the crucial items required to successfully meet the goals and aims of event. Much is expected from the organization and to achieve success, stakeholders will be engaged. The lack of cooperation from some of the stakeholders especially because mobilizing people can be quite tasking and when some people are against the idea, the plan may not be executed effectively. There also exist risks of unfavorable weather during the day scheduled for the activity to take place. A rainy weather for example will inhibit the playing of the outdoor games and entertainment activities. Preliminary Project Charter Worksheet CPMGT/305 Version 12 4 Summary of high-level milestones schedule Choice of location – The most appropriate place to host the function will be Memphis, TN. The place is centrally located at the heart of the city and easily accessible by all. It isn’t hard to trace the location where the function will be hosted. Given that the event is scheduled to take place on 3rd October – 15th October, there is enough time to book the grounds and facilities to be used in the event. Registration of the interested parties – There is need to register the participants who will showcase their talents through arts and crafts, music, entertainment and dance, Program flow – For the 1week and 5 days that the event will be held, there needs to be an exciting theme for each day so as to boost attendance Advertising – Marketing the event through the social media platforms as well as the broadcasting stations. Pamphlets and posters will also be used in inviting people to the event. Event organizers, the Music bands and entertainment and array of food choices – The event will be spiced up with fun activities, which will be incorporated in the 12-day schedule. Summary of high-level budget Deliverables Expense $$ Hiring costs of (ground, equipment, and facilities) Capital $$ 2,500 Printing of vouchers 550 Food services 1,100 Registration expenses of procedures 400 Preliminary Project Charter Worksheet CPMGT/305 Version 12 Advertising 5 800 References Allen, M., McLees, J., Richardson, C., & Waterford, D. (2015). Project planning and best practices. Journal of Information Technology and Economic Development, 6(1), 1. Drob, C. (2012). Overview about project planning. Studies and Scientific Researches: Economics Edition, (16) Weichel, P. (2009). Conducting valuable preliminary investigations. Journal of GXP Compliance, 13(1), 74. ...
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Project Implementation Plan
Institutional Affiliation
Date of Submission




Project Implementation Plan
The project implementation plan is an operational sort of representation of the way
different actions of a scheme will be attained (Yang, 2012). The purpose of the scheme is to
upgrade the shingle roof of an office construction with a new tin roof. The office structure is
4200 square feet. The safety of the customers, the equipment and the personnel will be taken care
of inn the new project. The project will also comprise the numerous advantages, for example, it
will be eco-friendly, and it will similarly enhance durability and longevity. The project will also
minimize the costs incurred on energy.
From our understanding and many researchers by the scholars, if a project is poorly
implemented, it will result in the delays in the activities of the project and finally lead to the total
closure of the project. When referring to the project charter, project t will cost a total sum of
US$13,800. To avoid the failure of the project, we need to implement it needs successfully. We
should professionally, efficiently and effectively implement a project to attain the project
The farmers pump LLC has come up with a plan for implementation which will take care of the
original roof.

The quality administration plan

The human resource plan and

The Procurement plan



Human Resources Plan
A human resource plan is an approach which recognizes the present and the future human
resources needs for a firm to attain its goals (Business Victoria, 2011). Planning of human
resource ought to serve as an association between the human resource administration and the
general strategic firm plan. The human resource plan comprises the selection, retention, and
recruitment of the workers.

There are stages in which the human resource planning ought to be implemented which
are used in a project. The phases are as follows;

Measuring the present capacity of the human resource in this comprising of the
enhancing the exact competencies for the workers and the professional and academic
levels needed of them

The capacity to measure the future human resource requirements, taking into
consideration the alteration from the exterior forces or alteration of the needs of the
human resources needs of a firm in the future (Business Victoria, 2011).

The capacity to measure the needs of the future people, considering the way the external
forces will change or vary the requirements by a firm or that of human resource in the

The Gap study- this is measuring the gap techniques the workers in association to the
association approaches in future

Enhancing a human resource technique-this technique ought to aim to achieve the
objectives of the firm. These techniques are outsourcing, recruitment, collaboration, and



The human resource plan for constructing a new roof comprises the hiring of the manual
worker, a project administrator and manual laborers.
Duties and responsibilities of a project manager
The project manager contains the subsequent obligations and accountabilities;
❖ Attaining the functional aims by contributing to recommendations and info on the
reviews and strategic plans, making and updating the action plans, implementing
productivity, production, the standards of customer services, quality while solving the
problem, completing reviews, identifying tendencies, determining organization
enhancements and executing change (Kajko-Mattsson, 2010).
❖ Keeps up to the date the job skill by taking part in the educational chances; reading the
specialized publications; participating in the expertise associations and maintaining the
individual networks.
❖ To achieve the aims of the human resource by training, orienting, choosing, recruiting,
coaching, scheduling, assigning, disciplining, and counselling the workers; collaborating
the job expectations. It includes the processes like the monitoring, planning, reviewing
the situation and appraising the contributions of the job encompassing the reviewing and
planning compensation activities; enforcing strategies and events (Kajko-Mattsson,
❖ Order requisitions purchase.
❖ Be capable of meeting the financial aims, starting the corrective activities, studying the
variables and making the manual budget. They also takes the part of scheduling the
expenditures and preparing the budget.



❖ Promoting the association and department beauty by allowing the ownership for attaining
the novel and several requests and exploring chances to enhance value to job actions.
Structural engineer
The structural engineers have a duty of architecture designing that can be capable of
being persistent to stress as a consequence of the environmental conditions to turn the structu...

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