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This Stand-Alone Project requires you to assume the role of a marketing manager for an outpatient diagnostic center assigned to compile and execute a marketing strategy development process.Tables and graphics in support of your responses are encouraged.

Scenario:You have just been hired as a marketing manager for an outpatient diagnostic center that has been in business for a little over two years and that is within a one-mile radius of a large hospital located in a substantial medical community.The hospital provides some of the same services provided by the outpatient diagnostic center.The owner of the center is relying on you to come up with a plan that will bring in more patients and health care plan clients.The center has also been struggling with more than its share of unpaid accounts.

While this situation is, of course, a hypothetical one with respect to your role, your marketing strategy should be based on reality.Use an outline format with brief, descriptive steps and explanations.The following sections should serve as a guide to help you develop a marketing strategy that enables the diagnostic center for which you work to gain market share.

Part A Research and select the products and/or services provided by the outpatient diagnostic center.

  1. Provide a general identification and description of the products/services provided by the outpatient diagnostic center and create a corresponding list of the medical conditions they treat.
  2. Provide a SWOT Analysis that indicates how competitors’ offerings differ from each other in terms of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.
  3. Indicate how the competitors’ offerings differ from the center’s offerings.
  4. Offer possible explanations about why the center may be experiencing more than its fair share of unpaid accounts.
  5. Contemplate the role the center’s pricing plays in the center’s current situation.
  6. Enumerate possible solutions to reduce unpaid accounts.
  7. Specify promotional efforts that can be utilized to address the center’s objective to increase patient and health care plan clients.
  8. Develop and explain any parts of the center’s offerings that can be utilized as an advantage.
  9. Identify and enumerate the viability of the center within its current physical environment.
  10. Identify the distribution delivery utilized by the center and how this can be optimized.

Part B Identify any direct competition and the impact this might be having, if any, on the center.Address each of the following:

  1. Five (5) forces that determine the intrinsic long-run profit attractiveness according to Michael Porter.
  2. Who are the competitors?
  3. What are the characteristics of the competitors?
  4. What role does each competitor fulfill in the community?

Part C Explain five (5) steps that the diagnostic center can take either alone or in any combination to address and solve the center’s current dilemma.What is your personal opinion of the likelihood of the center reaching its objective and the reasoning behind your conclusions?

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The products and services offered in outpatient center
The main services of the outpatient diagnostic center include diagnosis, treatment,
rehabilitation and wellness and prevention. The outpatient center is dedicated to the wellbeing of the patient and the communities surrounding through the services of the center. The
first service is well-being and prevention. Prevention is done to prevent the spread of diseases
by advising to the patients and the community on the measure they can take on various
diseases. For instance, diseases that spread as a result of poor sanitation, the outpatient
service providers ensure that the community is sensitized and given direction on preventive
measure (Jackson, Aparnaand Niclas, p.32). Additionally, people are given counseling
services to ensure that they are psychologically and emotionally sober. There are diseases that
arise due to poor diet and through the outpatient service providers; they can be advised on
what they ought to do to prevent such illnesses. Through counseling, prevention of diseases
and proper diet, they improve the health of the overall community that the center is located.
The second service that outpatient diagnostic services provided is treatment.
Outpatients can carry minor surgeries and chemotherapy. There is treatment of diseases once
they are detected and regularly check on their clients to ensure that there is positive progress.


They also administer medicine to the patients using the medical procedure outlined by the
health agencies. In a center, there is need to have medical pr5actioners of specialized fields to
ensure that the services provided are more and provided by qualified personnel.
Another major service that is provided in the outpatient services is rehabilitation. The
addicted person is treated to enable them to gain power to confront against all diseases.
Addiction weakens the patients mentally and physically. Rehabilitation involves giving
medication to depression, counseling the patients and monitoring the progress. Most people
are addicted as they try to fight stress and that is why rehabilitation requires qualified
counselor to direct the victims. If the patients are unable to restrain from drug use they can be
referred to inpatient services to ensure that proper care and monitoring is done. Due to
physical weakening of the body, the outpatients' center provides physical therapy for the
patients. This helps the patient to maintain the physical function of the body and body fitness.
The outpatient diagnostic center also provides diagnosis services. Diagnosis entails
proper identification of the cause of a certain phenomenon. This ensures through laboratory
test the health provider can determine the cause of the symptoms. Patients prefer these
services in outpatient facility since they are less costly and less time is required. The s6affs
members are well trained just like hospital staffs.

General services of outpatient center

Diagnosis center


Provide treatment

Wellness and prevention


SWOT Analysis
There is stiff competition between outpatient's diagnostic centers since they try to
expand their market according to the services they provide. For a center to gain the
competitive advantage, it should realize its strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats.
SWOT analysis helps the center discover new opportunities that they have and invest in
implementing the opportunities. The maj...

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