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1 Global Nursing Shortage The topic I will address in this post is the shortage of nurses. The shortage of nurses has become a critical and prevalent issue that is posing negative effects on the healthcare industry as well as the well-being of the global population. The reason for choosing this topic is that the shortage of nurses has led to significant health effects on the global population. For instance, in the US, the issue has become rampant, leading to underserving of the large number of patients who turn out to seek healthcare services within the country. The cause of nurse shortage in the US (and other industrial nations) is three-fold: aging workforce, limited supply of new nursing workforce, and increasingly aging population. For example, the limited supply of new nurses entering the workforce results from the struggles that nursing schools experience while admitting qualified applicants due to insufficient or lack of resources such as clinical sites, clinical instructors as well as faculty members. According to Beitz (2019), at least 80,500 qualified applicants from graduate nursing programs and baccalaureate were turned away in 2019. Additionally, the increasing aging population, specifically the higher population of baby boomers that makes up a significant number of nursing practitioners, are going into their golden years and retiring. Beitz (2019) also explains as the population ages, so does the nursing staff/workforce. This creates a deficit in the workforce, which, in the long term, escalates into a nursing shortage. The United States is capable of curbing the nursing shortage problem and meeting the projected demands of nursing services institutions offering nursing programs or generic baccalaureate programs admit more students. Also, the deployment of more resources into increasing nurse retention as well as addressing budget constraints these institutions face will significantly decrease or do away with the need for foreign contracting and the need to recruit foreign nurses. 2 References Beitz, J. M. (2019, Sept. 27). Addressing the perioperative nursing shortage through education: a perioperative imperative. AORN Journal, 110(4), 403-414. https://doi.org/10.1002/aorn.12805 C #1 - X YouTube Home canvas.westcoastuniversity.edu/courses/14255/assignments/313864 WCU 202204SPII Syllabus Announcements Modules rese X Welcome to West... Assignments Discussions Grades My Panopto Videos Zoom Tutor.com Course Evaluations nurs X WCU Library ● brea X ● inso X S Path x ● Topi x Wee X WCU Resort Wear for W... Kelli Roberts - Yo... in QUEST NURSING... Nursing (ADN), As... The purpose of this assignment is to develop a strong, working foundation for your final paper. You will identify a topic area and develop a problem- or issue-related topic within that area of interest. As you develop this specific topic, keep in mind that your eventual goal is to formulate and present a solution to the healthcare issue or problem you identify. Your topic proposal should include the following items and address the following: Describe the topic you wish to pursue. • It may be somewhat broad at this point and it may imply a problem. Use the Additional Resources in your course materials to help you search for ideas. Identify your purpose: Why are you interested in this topic? (Narrow your topic.) Specifically explain what it is that fascinates you or draws you to this topic. . Clearly describe the topic's relevance in the field today. Identify a purpose for a paper on this topic: o What might you accomplish in exploring this problem? o What is your intended goal? o Is this goal realistic? To evoke change ■ To make new connections (new cause and effect) To introduce a new theory, solution, or idea Topix Path X S Stuc x Lecturio MacBook Pro Identify a problem within the topic and draft a problem statement. (It will likely evolve and be revised as you progress through your research.) PLY Identify a problem related to your topic and state it. . The problem statement should be specific and indicate the focus of your final paper. o Not too narrow, not too broad o Intellectually challenging (a simple solution is not apparent) • Who would benefit from a solution to this problem (who is the target population)? Your paper should be 1-2 pages. Adhere to APA Style throughout. ✪ San X r India X Tp Pv Indian floral & fra... Eme X + Update: TEAS Math Tutoria... >>>
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Solving the Nursing Shortage Problem

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The global nursing shortage is one of the most significant health problems in the health
sector; primary reasons being provision of quality healthcare has been threatened (Drennan &
Ross, 2019). Essentially, there are millions of nurses globally; however, there have been
incidences whereby some of them leave their nursing careers and take up new professions. It's
important to note that nursing is a distinctive career because the main aim of the career is saving
individuals' lives. In the end, when there is a shortage, a country might experience a healthcare
crisis. Essentially, various ways can be used to address the global problem.
Solving the Nursing Shortage Problem

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