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Line p passes through A(-2, -4) and has a slope of - 1/2 What is the

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Line p passes through A(-2, -4) and has a slope of .  What is the standard form of the equation for line p?

Oct 16th, 2017

The equation can be obtained from the slope intercept form, y-y1 = m(x -x1)

where, m is the slope = -1/2
and x1 and y1 are co-ordinate of the point (-2,-4)

so, the required equation is y-(-4) = -1/2 ( x - (-2))
2y+8 = -x -2
2y +x = -10
the required standard form of equation is x+2y =-10

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Mar 17th, 2015

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Oct 16th, 2017
Oct 16th, 2017
Oct 17th, 2017
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