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General instructions

STEP 1 - Once you choose which question you’d like to write about, compose your essay in the body of a thread you start in the discussion board.

To start a thread, use the pull-down menu next to the board’s name, then click the “Create Thread” button. To be able to read and respond to others' posts, you will first need to publish your own post. Your first post is the one that will be graded--a blank post WILL be graded if it is your first post in the board. You can save your post as a draft, but it will not be published for students to view, nor will it be queued for grading until you click the "Submit" button.

When you refresh the board, after you publish your post, it will allow you to view everyone's posts. If you hover your cursor at the bottom of a post, the button to reply to that student's post will appear.

NOTE: As you are writing, copy-paste your essay into a Word document.

STEP 2 - Use your textbook to help you respond to the topic, and when you quote and summarize from the course texts, include information about the page reference.

NOTE: You are discouraged from using additional sources. If you do choose to use an outside source, be sure to cite your source, just as you do when you use the course texts. If you use a quotation or an example from a website, cite the website's URL and the date accessed.

Assignment Instructions:

Choose either Topic A, Topic B, or Topic C. To answer these topics completely, it takes a minimum of 350 words. Use the topic questions and the scoring rubric to see if your draft responds fully to all parts of the question. A complete thoughtful answer is more important than word count.

⁞ Topics for your Essay, Choose one

Topic A:

Compare the advantages and disadvantages of act-utilitarianism and virtue ethics. Which do you think is the better theory? How would you combine the two approaches to fashion a better theory?


Topic B:

Suppose you have an opportunity to either: (1) send $800 to an area suffering from famine, in order to save a dozen people from starvation or (2) give the money to your little sister to buy books for college. Which would you do? Why? Explain which moral theory aligns with your decision-making process.


Topic C:

According to Kant, why is breaking a promise or lying immoral? Do you agree with his reasoning? Why or why not? Can you imagine a case where one ought to lie or break a promise? Explain.

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Topic B
If I had an opportunity to either send my sister eight hundred dollars to buy college books
or send that sum to an area to save dozens of individuals from starving, I would send the money
to the famine-stricken area. I would send the money to a famine-stricken area to save dozens of
individuals from starving rather than being selfish by satisfying my sister's non-basic nee...

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