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  1. Discuss and explain King’s Conceptual System Theory.
    1. First explain the 3 systems and provide examples of each system
    2. Explain how the systems influence goal attainment
    3. (I will do this part) Apply this theory to a current interaction with a patient in your practice.
  1. Case study

As a nurse working in a mental health facility, you are responsible for the care of Jane, a young woman in her mid-20s who has been admitted with a diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia. Jane has a health history of repeated hospitalizations. Her first admission occurred when she was a young teenager. Jane tells you she was always very shy growing up, and that she did not have many friends. However, Jane did play the piano when she was an adolescent and found playing the piano comforting. It was the only engaged activity she participated in during her teenage years. Jane told the nurse that when her mother and father divorced, she became more withdrawn and preferred to remain alone. Further conversation revealed that she did not feel motivated to pursue goals or activities in school. She felt persecuted and interpreted events with no reference to reality. She eventually lost interest in the piano as the symptoms of the disease resulted in being unable to associate letters with the musical notes. She has recently stated she felt little purpose in her life.

  • The core or central concept of Levine’s Theory is conservation. What might this mean for Jane?
  • How does Jane adapt to the internal and external environment?
  • What nursing interventions might ground the nurse in caring for Jane from Levine’s perspective?
  • From the nursing theories we have discussed, what additional theory would you apply to this case study? How would the application of this theory change your nursing plan of care? (be specific and provide examples

This paper should include 3 outside references and the textbook. This paper should be 1000 to 1250 words (4-5 pages) in length.

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Nursing Theories
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King’s theory of goal attainment concentrates on the procedures that direct and guide
nurses regarding their relationships with patients. King’s conceptual system has connected the
facets of perception, interaction, transaction, communication, role, self, and time into a
perspective of goal attainment. Typically, this theory focuses on a nurse-patient dyad, a relation
in which each party brings personal insights of role, self, and personal ranks of growth and
development. According to King’s theory, nurse, and patient converse in the interface and
transaction, to achieve mutually predetermined objectives. Typically, the relationship between a
nurse and the patient occurs in space known by their conducts and happens in forward-moving
King’s Three Systems

According to King’s theory of goal attainment, there exist three interacting systems. Each
of these systems has different notions. These systems are;

Personal Systems
According to King, each person is an individual system. She chose an instance of a

personal system in a case of a patient or a nurse. According to King, aspects such as growth and
development, body image, self, perception, and space among others are critical to understanding
human beings as people. Typically, King asserted that these aspects are crucial in understanding
human beings because this entails how the nurse sees and incorporates self-based from
individualistic beliefs and objectives. Personal systems assist in influencing goal
accomplishment because it entails individuals who are considered responsive, sensible, and
social beings (Alligood, 2014).



Interpersonal Systems
According to King, interpersonal systems are created by people interacting. Typically, as

the number of interacting people grows, the complication of the interactions also grows. King
suggested that for an individual to understand and acknowledge interpersonal system, he/she
should understand the aspects of communication, role, interaction, and transaction. For instance,
this system depicts how a nurse interrelates with a client, especially in a nurse-client relationship.
The interaction between the nurse and the client (patient) is essential for the achievement of the

Social systems
King’s social system is typically a more inclusive system that involves groups of

individual and parties that make up a society. Examples of social systems are educational,
religious, and health care systems. Some of the critical aspects of social systems include but not
limited to power, decision-making, authority, status, and position among others. Social systems
assist in influencing goal attainment because they give a framework for social relations and
interactions and create policies of behaviors and actions and at the same time provide effective
courses of action. King stated that out of the systems mentioned above, interpersonal systems
have the greatest impact on the development of her perspective (Alligood, 2013).
Case Study
Levine’s Theory of Conservation
The central notion of Levine’s theory is conservation. The primary emphasis of the
conservation perspective is to foster the emotional and physical welfare of a patient, by



examining the four parts of conservation. In other words, Levine’s model of conservation is
based on enhancing adaptation and sustaining wholeness using the ideologies of conservation.
This principle directs the nurse to concentrate on the impacts and reactions of the organismic
level. Regarding Jane’s case, the nurse can focus on the emotional and physical well-being of
Jane. From the case study, it’s clear that Jane has experienced a lot of frustrations that has
resulted in an emotional breakdown. It’s for this reason, that Jane feels a little purpose in her life.

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