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Using one of the Discussion Board data sets

a. SPSS and Data Summary: Choose a dataset from Doc Sharing. Then, from that dataset, select any two quantitative variables. What is the name of your dataset and the two quantitative variables you will be analyzing? Use SPSS to compute summary (descriptive) statistics, including measures of central tendency mean, median, mode and numerical measures variance and standard deviation for each of your variables. Paste the results here. If your results will not paste, simply attach them to your post using Add/Remove.



b. Central Tendency: Which measure of central tendency do you think does the best job of describing each of your variables? Explain your answer and consider issues like outliers, skewness, and the overall information you are trying to gain. Which measure of central tendency does the worst job in describing your data? Explain your answer.

c. Variation: What is the variance and standard deviation for each of your two variables? Which variable has the highest variation? What does that tell you about that variable?

d. Pulling it all together: When is “mode” the better measure? Think about what you have learned and how you can relate it to your profession, your daily life, or a realistic hypothetical situation. Then, create (invent) a realistic small dataset that can be best described by mode and poorly described by mean. List the dataset. What does the mode tell us about the data? Why is the mean a poor measure for this data?

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