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Final Paper:

For your final paper you should choose a real world social problem. It can be anything that you would like but possible choices include

·       The January 6th riot and the storming of the Capitol.

·       QAnon

·       Riots during the summer of 2020

·       Municipalities’ use court fines and fees to generate income in the face of losses in state and federal funding. (Think of Ferguson, MO).

·       Spread of far-right wing movements in US and internationally (Golden Dawn in Greece, British National Party in England, the National Front Party in France, BJP in India).

·       The increase in the rate of mass shootings.

·       Rising social inequality within the United States

·       The increase in student loan debt.

·       The refugee crisis in Europe.

·       The refugee crisis in Mexico and Central America.

·       If you choose another topic, please run it by me so that you will be able to find enough information.

1.     You need to describe the problem and provide some background on the problem.

2.     You should apply at least 2 modern theoretical perspectives to the problem. How would the theorist explain what is happening?

3.     Describe the strengths and weaknesses of each of the theoretical approaches.


In the description of the problem, you should have at least 5 sources. Please be sure that these are high quality sources (Raw Story, Brietbart News and the Dudge Report don’t qualify.). Please ask me if you aren’t sure about the quality of a source.

For your source on the application of theory, you can use the textbook as one source. You should also seek out works by the theorists and critical analyses of the theorists’ work. Let me know if you are having any issues finding this material.


This paper should be at least 6 pages in length. It should be written in 11 point Arial or Helvetica and double spaced with normal 1 inch margins. Please refer to and for information on reference page formatting and citing references.

for guidance in formatting your paper.

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Social Problem


Social Problem
Despite adequate knowledge by a significant portion of the world’s population that
social problems are harmful and a threat to their existence, the number of social problems
continue to be on the rise. This can be attributed to the subjective nature of people’s
perspectives concerning what is harmful or not. For instance, what may be harmful to a certain
population of society may not be harmful to another. This aspect results in chaos in society.
One of the most recent chaos witnessed was the January 6th riot and the storming of the
Capitol. This paper presents an analysis of this social problem based on two theoretical
perspectives. The theories that will be applied to the analysis include the structuralfunctionalist theory and conflict theory, which will help in understanding the events of the
identified incident. The analysis will also include an examination of the strengths and
weaknesses of the theoretical approaches.
Description and Background of the Problem
The January 6th riot and attack of the Capitol involved the storming of the premises by
President Donald Trump’s supporters waiting for Congress to announce the outcome of a
meeting to certify President Joe Biden’s win. Congress had been forced to convene and certify
President Biden’s win after former President Trump refused to concede defeat. Whereas the
protests were rather peaceful as the meeting was ongoing, it took a chaotic turn when
President Trump was addressing his supporters and vice president Mike Pence, who was the
vice president of the Senate, about doing the right thing.
Mike Pence then issued a letter addressed to President Trump, stating that he will not
act as Trump wants since his role is to defend and support the US Constitution. Soon after,
the protesters, mostly those who were attending President Trump’s rally close to the Capitol,
stormed the outer police barrier of the premises. President Trump played a key role in inciting
the crowd by stating that they were going to the Capitol. The protesters overpowered the police

protecting the barrier, breaking windows, and getting into the Capitol, forcing the Senate to
call for recess and shutting down of the building.
The protesters proceeded to storm into the senate chambers, destroying property
estimated to cost approximately $1.5 million. The protests also resulted in the death of one
person who was shot by a Capitol police officer as she was trying to climb through the doors.
The protests soon spread across states and caused a lot of mayhem, with President Trump
only telling the protesters to remain peaceful rather than recanting his words of incitement.
This led to more violence and damage to property across the United States until Joe Biden’s
presidential win was certified by Congress.
Theoretical Perspectives of the Social Problem
As already mentioned, many people are aware of the potential harm of social
problems. However, society is often unable to eliminate these social problems due to the
partisanship displayed by various populations. According to Best (2019), social...

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