Middle Ages Essay Assignment: Medieval Romance Film Analysis Sheet

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Middle Ages Essay Assignment: Medieval Romance Film Analysis Sheet

Directions: After fully understanding the Medieval Romance, students will brainstorm and then view a modern-day film that contains elements of a Medieval Romance. Then, students will examine the film and write an analysis essay as to why and how the chosen film falls into the category of a Medieval Romance.

Use the following guidelines to successfully complete the essay:

  1. Gain a full understanding of the characteristics of a Medieval Romance
  2. Choose a film that contains most of the characteristics of a Medieval Romance
  3. Locate evidence in the film that align with the characteristics of a Medieval Romance
  4. Analyze how the chosen evidence represents the characteristics of a Medieval Romance

Proofreading Checklist: Look for the following errors when proofreading

  • Spelling errors
  • Comma, Semi-Colon, and Colon errors
  • MLA format errors
  • Fragment and Run-On errors
  • Apostrophe errors

Remember the following requirements while polishing the final essay:

  • MLA format
  • Introduction
  • Paragraph form
  • Proper thesis statement
  • Topic sentences that relate to the thesis statement
  • On topic development and transitions
  • Evidence that supports claims
  • Integrated evidence
  • Correct in-text citations
  • Analysis of evidence that does not summarize
  • Conclusion sentences for each body paragraph
  • Conclusion paragraph that does not summarize
  • Proper Works Cited page

Between 500-750 words

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Surname 1
Medieval Romance Film Analysis
Medieval romance was very popular in the high medieval aristocratic circles. The
descriptions talked about a heroic individual who took long and risky adventures all in the name
of love. Taking the long and dangerous adventures proved a person was ready and the best suitor
for the woman he was in love with. All the people who were able to make it were regarded as
legends, thus being referred to in the future (Cichon, Michael and Purdie, p. 55). The style adopts
the romantic nature that is in the position to make the reader or viewer be more attentive and
anticipate what may happen next. In modern days, the style focuse...

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