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Socrates proclaimed that...

"The Unexamined Life is Not Worth Living"

. . . and while no one really rejoices at the prospect of self-examination, Socrates was on to something. The benefits of a little reflection on one's past and present choices and actions can go a long way toward reinforcing the good traits and correcting those that are less than should be expected.

Authors who write books about leadership tell us that less than 3% of CEO’s actually have written their overall goals. Yet, those men and women have the highest paying jobs in the country! Do you not think they could perform more effectively if they had spent more time thinking about their destinations and the routes they were taking to reach them? Although you may not run a multi-million dollar business, you do make significant decisions that affect you and others. Do you have written goals for your life?

In this workshop, you will begin to develop your Personal Integrity Plan. You will begin by "taking stock" of things that have become your life priorities in the present. This can be a fascinating process. Students who have traveled this course before you sing the praises of this activity and its benefits.

As you get started, you will begin to understand Socrates' endorsement of the "examined" life. 

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Concept of Life Balance

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Concept of Life Balance
The concept of life balance regards a harmonious blend between different aspects of
one’s life (personal and professional). Overly emphasizing one aspect of life results in an
imbalance in one's life. I think that the concept of life balance is of crucial importance in an
individual's life. Personal and professional aspects of life are critical to a person's happiness and
well-being. For instance, rest and leisure,...

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