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The War on Drugs began in the early 1970s and has been raging ever since. While we know that it has been a terrible failure, we have continued to criminalize and increase policies that have helped fuel a prison population. Recently, states have made efforts to legalize marijuana for medical and recreational purposes, but marijuana remains illegal at the federal level. Discuss why policies have been enacted and have failed to address the problem of addiction, and what policies might help alleviate the issues associated with the war on drugs. How does reforming the criminal justice system (police, courts, and corrections) offer possible solutions to this problem?

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Marijuana Legalization

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Marijuana Legalization
Question 1
Drug abuse is an issue associated with crime in the U.S. To control crimes, measures
were to be implemented to control the use of drugs. The measures comprised of drug policy.
According to Walker (2015), the drug policy was grouped into hawk, dove, and owls approach.
Hawks' approach emphasizes law enforcement eradicating drug abuse by getting tougher on
reducing drugs supply, making drugs unavailable to reduce their demand and desire. The
American drug policy has lived to apply the hawk approach by reducing the supply of drugs.
Owl's approach advocates for the prevention and treatment of drug abuse which is meant to
reduce drugs demand. Doves' approach states that drug abuse is a public health issue, and
therefore, the peop...

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