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IT is a major part of all businesses. I consider
it to be the backbone of a business. In order for IT to contribute to the
overall success of a business, they have to be completed involved in all aspects
of the business decisions. IT is very diverse and has a lot of different
technical areas. So, there just can't be one leader in IT. Different personnel
have different areas of expertise. Everyone in IT must be a leader so that all
of these technical areas have a voice in the business decision-making. This
quote is stating just that. Everyone in IT must step up and take a leadership
role to support the business. Everyone in IT has to contribute to the business
strategies and make sure the business reaches its goals. A business must
establish a supportive work environment. Everyone must be open-minded and
willing to listen to new ideas from there colleagues. The business will increase
its efficiency when they have all of IT acting as leaders.

A business must be willing to take the approach
that makes them the most competitive in the business market. If they stay on the
track of making sure that there whole IT staff takes a leadership role, they
will definitely be competitive in their line of business. For those companies
that don't have their whole IT staff as leaders, it will be hard for them to
stay competitive. They will be at a disadvantage because they are not maximizing
the technical knowledge they are paying for in there employees.


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