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Discussion 1:

- Your new small business has really grown, but now it needs a substantial infusion of capital. A venture capitalist firm has agreed to invest the money you need. In return, the venture capitalist firm will own 75 percent of the business, and you will be replaced as CEO by someone chosen by the venture capitalist. You will retain the titles of founder and chairman of the board. Analyze the benefit of taking the money versus losing control over your business. Provide a rationale with your response.

-From Case Study 17.3, analyze what the financial manager provided to the management of Comet Skateboards. Imagine a large firm approached Comet Skateboards with an offer of acquisition. Outline the major pros and cons of such an offer.

Discussion 2:

-Though this course has focused on contemporary business, the concepts can be used for improving your personal financial status. Determine three concepts from the previous weeks’ materials that you can directly apply to your personal financial planning.

-Analyze the short- and long-term impact of failing to plan for your financial future. 

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