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In The Hate U Give, music plays a big role in influencing the character and even storyline. Why is it important that authors incorporate music into their stories? Return to this week's novel and pull out a muscial or pop-culture reference. Explain the reference in detail (look up details or lyrics if need be) and then explain the music or pop culture reference's significance to the text as a whole.  Don't forget to pose a meaningful question about the text to your peers. Make sure to include something including the guiding questions which is "how are people motivated by ideas and interests? What kind of emotions are gathered by this motivation?"

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Music is an invisible powerful tool that helps one to achieve a certain goal. It intricates
expressions of controllable elements that help in influencing the way people interpret the
message in a particular story. It also affects the readers emotions, and ultimately guide the
decisions made y the reader. Music is used by authors to tell their story in a different way
because it okays a crucial role in marketing the content by increasing the consideration the
reader gives to the message. It steers the storylines, adds value to the content, drive the reader
engagement and increase their retention making the story more interesting and impactful. From
this week’s novel, The Hate U Give (Bobby Session Ft. Keite Young,2018) is used to signify
how black people are mistreated and the un save environment boys a...

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