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Paper 3 (5 pages Max. approx.. 1250 words) For our final paper, Paper 3, I want us to think about what is "K-" in "K-pop" and "K-drama": how would you define "K-" in these and other cultural products? These terms started as simply referring to Korean popular music, dramas from Korea, films by Korean film makers, beauty products from Korea, Korean food and so on. But they soon came to be recognized as sharing distinctive features signified by "K-". You do not have to make it your mission to define "K-" in your paper per se, but think about the various readings and discussions we had about global vs. local, transnational vs. national throughout these three weeks. Some of you might find "K-" rather diffuse, or just a convenient market ploy for overseas consumers. Or you may think "K-" is changing (rapidly!) through these cultural products from Korea. Whichever way you go, I think using "what is "K-" in Korean popular culture" as a prompt can lead to a comprehensive snapshot of what we covered in this class. Reflect on topics we have covered in this class and choose one that you would like to pursue further. Since this is your last paper for this class, I would like to see you address several elements that make Korean popular culture distinctive in your discussion. Search for 2-3 literary, visual, musical, or cinematic work(s) from the class that would go well with the topic of your choice. You are encouraged to include one work that you found on your own outside the class. - Compose an essay based on your insights on the chosen topic (#1) and using in-depth analysis of the material chosen (#2). - (Alternative video essay) Instead of writing an essay, you are welcome to make a 15-min. video essay based on instructions 1 & 2 If this is helpful: You can start by choosing a topic such as "gender representations in Korean film X, music video Y and TV drama Z"; "nationalism in X,Y, and Z"; "melodramatic effects in X,Y, and Z"; "addressing global fandom in X,Y,Z" and so on. Another way to choose a topic is by thinking about specific works (film, drama, music, and articles) that you enjoyed (I often try to pick at least 3 so that I can go beyond simple comparison) and come up with a topic that will allow you to discuss your chosen works. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me with your topics and chosen works before you start writing your paper.
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Melodramatic effects in K-Pop: An analysis of PSY and BTS music


Melodramatic effects in K-Pop: An analysis of PSY and BTS music
When talking about Korean music, it is hard not to mention PSY and BTS. K-Pop has
been warming the world’s ears for some time now, and it this has been made possible thanks to
these artists who have made the Korean culture famous globally. In 2012, PSY released his track
‘Gangnum Style’ which was a true representation of the Korean music culture and some of its
features. This song blew up globally and it was being played in almost all countries. An
interesting fact about the Korean pop culture is that it was not that famous. What was widely
lauded in Korea did not receive the same energy in other countries like the United States and
Europe. However, PSY changed this trend with the song ‘Gangnum Style.’ While he was well
known and popular in Korea, he was nowhere near breaking into the global market, more so in
America. Gangnum Style soon became the most viewed video on YouTube and the artists was
widely praised by Korean nationals for catapulting his country to global Stardom.
This story is similar to the case of BTS. This boy band was popular abroad before they
became popular in their own country. Right now, they are topping the charts in Korea as well as
America due to their fame internationally. Their hit song ‘Dynamite’ has held the top spot in the
Gaon and Melon Music charts and they released an album that debuted at second spot in the
Gaon Album Charts....

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