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5 Managerial Accounting Questions- Due by March 22, 2015

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5 Managerial Accounting Questions Due by March 22, 2015. The questions are listed in the Word document.


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Questions 1. Outdoor Furniture Company has inventory balances at the end of August as follows: Materials inventory Work-in-Process inventory Finished goods inventory $21,360 15,112 17,120 Job order cost cards for jobs in process at the company as of the end of September were as follows: Job Number Direct Materials Direct Labor Mfg Overhead 48A 48B 48C 48D $1,596 $1,492 $1,984 $1,608 $1,290 $1,380 $1,760 $1,540 $1,677 $1,794 $2,288 $2,002 Materials purchased and received in September: September 4 September 16 September 22 $33,120 $28,600 $31,920 Direct labor costs for September: September 15 payroll September 29 payroll Predetermined overhead rate: $23,680 $25,960 130% of direct labor costs Direct material transferred to production during September: September 6 September 23 $37,240 $38,960 Finished goods with a 75% markup over cost were sold during September for $230,000. a. Compute the cost of units completed during the month. b. What was the total cost of units sold during the month? c. What are ending inventory balances? Questions 2: Financial information for a recent year for Apples, Inc. is: Sales Less: Cost of goods sold Selling and administrative expenses Interest expense Income before taxes Less: income taxes Net income $40,000,000 25,000,000 5,000,000 1,000,000 9,000,000 3,150,000 5,850,000 Total assets were $104,000,000 and the non-interest-bearing current liabilities were $2,000,000. The company has a required rate of return on invested capital of 10%. Calculate the company’s return on investment. Questions 3: Tree Top Company manufactures a single product and uses a process costing system. On the first day of April, there were 5,000 units in process that were 100% complete as to direct materials and 50% complete as to direct labor and manufacturing overhead. During the month of April, the company began production of 100,000 units, and at the end of April, the Work-in-Process inventory consisted of 2,000 units that were 100% complete as to direct materials and 80% complete as to direct labor and manufacturing overhead. The company’s cost information is as follows: Direct materials Direct labor Manufacturing overhead Beginning Work-in-Process Costs Added In April $3,000 $125 $175 $65,250 $6,151 $7,147 Calculate the cost of units manufactured during April and the cost of Work-in-Progress at the end of April. Question 4: Reliable Rental Resources, Inc. is buying a new computer for its receptionist. The company can rent a basic computer for $2,500 per year. The company can rent a better computer for $3,100 per year, but the better computer uses some software that the basic computer cannot use, and that software costs $750. The receptionist’s salary of $2,200 month will not be affected by the computer that the company decides to rent. If the company rents the better computer, the receptionist will need training on the software that the computer uses, and that training costs $300 per year. The better computer has a greater capacity and speed than the basic computer and is expected to save the company $1,600 per year in part-time wage expenses. The other upkeep and operating costs will not be affected by the computer that the company decides to rent. a. Identify the relevant costs. b. Which computer should the company rent? Question 5: Sitting Pretty, Inc. makes garden chairs that sell for $800 each. The variable cost of producing the chairs is $300 per unit and the fixed costs are $50,000 each month. a. What is the contribution margin associated with the chairs produced and sold by Sitting Pretty? b. In June, the company had sales that were $5,000 higher than anticipated. What is the expected effect on profits as a result of these sales? Your response should be at least 200 words in length. You may use only your textbook for this exam. All paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations and references. For problems, be sure to answer all questions and provide all requested information. ...
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