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Choose one of the topics below for an essay. Develop a clear and focused argument that you will defend with quotations from the text. You are discouraged from consulting secondary sources (especially internet resources) —although you may refer to footnotes, dictionaries, encyclopedias and the like for linguistic or historical background, allusions and so forth. If you have consulted sources, and they have influenced your thinking, you must cite them. Academic dishonesty will result in failure of the course.

Paper Format: Four typed pages (more OK). Double-space in 12-point Times/Times New Roman. Use 1-inch margins. Grade penalty for incorrect formatting. You may cite the books with simple parenthetical references to page numbers, like this (23-4). Upload as PDF or Word .doc ONLY. Absolutely no Google share or cloud items.

Grading: Your grade will be based on your thesis (including originality and thoughtfulness), reasoning,

organization, use of textual evidence and quotation (quality, persuasiveness, and integration into your

writing), and grammar/sentence structure. You are responsible especially for finding quotations/evidence relevant to your argument; you may be penalized for ignoring relevant passages or relying on vague summary.

You will receive a letter grade. For a C or above, your essay must: meet all format requirements; be written convincingly and coherently, with few errors in grammar or mechanics; respond fully to the assigned topic, including any special instructions; incorporate college-level writing. College-level writing includes, but is not limited to, effective use of: Direct quotation and paraphrase, topic sentences and paragraph structure. Strive to synthesize information into concise prose.

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