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Topic: Enterprise Cloud Computing

Do research and write detailed report about the topic in detail, compare your topic to another one, etc. For example:  Provide in detail about 3-4 Applications and Usage of enterprise cloud computing.

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Enterprise Cloud Computing

The provision of virtualized cloud computing services to a business is known as
enterprise cloud computing. The enterprise cloud is a paradigm for IT infrastructure and
system software that incorporates elements of public cloud solutions with the value of
private datacenter settings for enterprise applications.


It introduces a new business model that combines pay-as-you-go cloud services with
legacy IT infrastructure.

As a result, these diverse users demand new and unique services, diversifying the service.

This saves a company time and money in the IT department.

Enterprise cloud drivers

Efficiency is a standard driver since it helps firms increase productivity and streamline

Business growth- Cloud technology helps teams communicate more effectively. It also
grants workers the freedom to work when and where they want.

Agility- the information team in a company can react faster to market changes and
become more responsive to the company's needs.

Assurance- Assurance is a significant driver because cloud data is safer and is
maintained by cloud providers who base their business model on security.

Experience- The client experience is improved by migrating to enterprise cloud

Cost- IT costs decrease, and costs are reformed to spread out over time.

Enterprise Cloud Architecture

Public cloud- Anyone can use a public cloud, which other parties provide.

Private cloud- A private cloud is not accessible to the general public.

Hybrid cloud- A hybrid cloud approach combines the advantages of both public and
private clouds.

Multi-cloud- A multi-cloud architecture incorporates services from many cloud


The market for enterprise cloud computing is booming. Cloud technology is getting more
and more adept at being used by businesses.


Enterprise Cloud Computing
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Enterprise Cloud Computing
The provision of virtualized clou...

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