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Each of the plays we have read focus on legal issues as well as larger questions about the nature of justice. What do these texts suggest about the relationship between law and justice? Do you agree or disagree (this part is just your opinion--no tricks!)? Be sure to use examples from two different texts to develop your response. If you choose a play that you have already discussed in one of the identification questions, avoid overlap here. In other words, you will not receive full credit for saying essentially the same thing here. A full credit answer will be a minimum of 300 words, discuss two different texts, include two direct quotes from two different texts, and be grammatically sound. Answers that look like text messages will not receive credit. Answers that include evidence of plagiarism will not receive credit and may result in failing the exam and the class (if it is not your first offense). Plagiarism, including copying and pasting information from the internet without proper documentation, is a form of Academic Misconduct, and I am obligated to report it to the university.
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The play "Trifles" portrays a male-dominated society where there are rampant criminal acts that
go unpunished. It is a murder mystery play where criminals are not brought to face the law. The
victims are denied justice even though...

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