What reaction did you have to Filippo Brunelleschi? To his accomplishments?

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After viewing both videos that highlight the achievements and contributions of Filippo Brunelleschi to the art and architecture of the Early Italian Renaissance please write a 1-2 page ( 500 word minimum) response essay . Essay should provide detail and be written as though reader has not seen these videos.

Some questions to consider in writing your response:

  • What reaction did you have to Filippo Brunelleschi? To his accomplishments?
  • What achievement, accomplishment or innovation most interested you and why?
  • How did Brunelleschi's accomplishments impact Early Renaissance art and architecture?
  • What was happening in 13th and 14th C Italian culture that may have influenced his experiments and innovations?
  • What is the continuing legacy or impact of Brunelleschi's achievements to Western art and architecture?
  • Did you find the video(s) useful to increasing your knowledge or understanding of linear perspective? architectural engineering? 13th and 14th C Italy?
  • How do they compare to lecture, group presentations, or the text?
  • Did you like the conversational style of the narrators?

Do not use outside resources or copy material available on the Internet

MLA ONE FULL (500 words) single spaced page in Times New Roman, 12 pt font and 1 inch margins all around

  • Type your full name upper left.
  • Titles and headings are not required and do not count toward full page requirement.
  • Do not double space between paragraphs
  • Pargraph = A topic sentence followed by 5 or more supporting sentences

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Surname 1
Filippo Brunelleschi
Filippo Brunelleschi
Filippo Brunelleschi was a characteristic virtuoso amid the Renaissance time
frame because of his numerous abilities and attributes, yet more broadly for his 16-year
task of the making of the Dome of Florence house of prayer (Bach). Amid the building
procedure, Brunelleschi needed to address real issues and ramifications of figuring out
how to close the gap in the focal point of the arch and to assemble a vault that was 150
feet crosswise over the developed dividers that remained at 180 feet tall. With the
previous octagonal floor design, ...

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