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San Diego State University


Professional Summary

To build a strong relationship with families, create a welcoming and trusting environment to best support the parent while modeling important skills.  Ensure the program is delivered with respect to each family's home language, culture, values and supporting parents as first teachers.  To promote parent-child interaction and positive parenting, enhance children's cognitive and social-emotional development.


Customer and Personal Service                                    

Coordination Clerical                                                                                                                                               Judgment and Decision Making

Bilingual: Creole/French

Case Management

Knowledge of Community Resources.


Social Services Facilitator-CAPE Team/Department of Behavioral and Mental Services, Palm Beach County School District                                                08/2019- Present

Provides social services to students identified with barriers to learning (academic, behavioral and/or mental health concerns).  Collaborate with agencies in the community. Schedules referrals with the appropriate community resources. Coordinates and tracks all interventions and action plans as designed by the school-based assistance teams.  Acts as liaison between families and collaborative agencies with Behavioral Health Agreements,thereby ensuring the effective coordination of school services with those of the support agency as needed. Encourages understanding of, and sensitivity to, multicultural values and trauma informed practices. Develop and present Professional Development presentations for school district staff.  

Care Coordinator

Institute of Children and Family              05/2018-07/2019

Worked as part of a team with the Child First Mental Health and Developmental Clinician in the home with vulnerable young children and families.  Worked directly with families to develop a comprehensive, well-coordinated, culturally responsive family driven plan of services and support that includes the young child and all family members.  Provided hands-on assistance to families to access these community resources.  Addressed barriers to services access by reflecting on the parent’s challenges, and supporting the Clinician in providing parent guidance and therapeutic intervention.

Case Management

Henderson Behavioral Health                                                           02/2017-5/2018

Provided direct and indirect service to each client on an average of three hours a month. Enhanced clients functioning within the community setting by linking to necessary services, monitoring those services, and collaborating with the service provider.  Provided support to clients and their families through the treatment planning process.  Designed Individualized Service Plans that outlined client objectives and case manager interventions and revised these objectives when necessary to meet client needs. Developed Psychiatric Waiting List Protocol.

Parent Child Home                                                                04/2014-01/2017

Boys Town   

Visit assigned families twice a week, for thirty minutes each visit. Utilize weekly books and toys at the home visits to model to parents how to use materials to enhance, play, language, and all interactions for the purpose of supporting positive child development and strong parent-child relationships. Model for the parent how to respond appropriately to the behavior of two and three

Years old children.  Write anecdotal descriptions of home visits. Complete required assessments of children and parents. Maintain accurate and complete records for families. 

FAMILY CENTRAL                                                                        03/2009-04/2014

Parent Counselor:

Informed and referred parents regarding child care options. Completed parent intakes, determined eligibility, and assessed fees. Handle reassessments, terminations, and changes within caseload. Responsible for updating and maintaining client files. 


Master Dual Degree in School Counseling/Mental Health                02/2020-Present

Master of Science                                                                               02/2017-12/2018

Walden University

Bachelor of Science: Psychology                                                       09/2014-09/2016

Central Christian College                                                                     

Associate of Science: Paralegal                                                         06/2012 -5/ 2014

Palm Beach State College       

Behavior Analyst Tech                                                                       03-24/3-25-2018

Team PBS

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To: The Administration and staff of Wagon Wheel Elementary School From: Alex Doyle Subject: Foreign Language Requirement for Students Definition of the Problem: Our education system is lacking in the proper implementation of offering and teaching a foreign language to its students. Solution and Recommendations: I think in order to set the children of our education system up for the most successful futures it is important to have a foreign language requirement at a young age. “Recent brain research indicates that learning a second language is a powerful experience that helps the brain of young children develop” (Dumas ). Conclusion: Overall, it is seen through many studies that encouraging children between the third and fifth grade to study a foreign language will have many long term academic benefits for them. Works Cited Dumas, L. S. (1999). Learning a Second Language: Exposing Your Child to a New World of Words Boosts Her Brainpower, Vocabulary, and Self-Esteem. Child, February, 72, 74, 76-77.
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