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The Self-Assessment Reflection Paper is a 3 to 4-page paper where you will reflect on what you wrote about in your Self-Assessment Paper earlier in the semester. You will briefly mention the intercultural skill that you did well at the start of class and the two skills that you wanted to improve on. You will discuss the goal you set for yourself and what you did to achieve that goal and/or improve your intercultural communication interactions. If you did not meet your goal, write about why you did not meet your goal. Then you will reflect on what you learned in this course with specific examples of how it will help you in the future. The focus of the paper should be about your goal, whether you met the goal, and a reflection of the course. Use the textbook as your source and include at least three pieces of support evidence in the paper. Use APA formatting for this assignment.

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-The world has increasingly become interconnected, bringing people of different
cultures together for various reasons.
- Empathy, independence and adaptability are some of the common intercultural skills.
-While some of these skills are already ingrained in our minds, we must learn others.
-Developing, nurturing, and improving one's intercultural skills is an important step in life
that should never be overlooked.

- Empathy is an intercultural skill that I did well at the beginning of the class.
- Through empathy, I have been able to appreciate my own culture and even

understand it more.
- Adaptability and independence have been the two primary intercultural skills that I
have purposed to improve on.
- On the other hand, I have been performing poorly in the skill of independence.
- My goal to attain adaptability and independence is to make me a better person when
it comes to interacting with diverse cultures, as well as to help others who may have
difficulties dealing with different cultures.
- Through consistency, wide readings and attending this class, I can confidently say
that my goals have been achieved.

- In conclusion, intercultural skills help us harmoniously live with people who hold
different views from ours.

Running head: REFLECTION


Reflection: Intercultural Skills
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Reflection: Intercultural Skills

The world has increasingly become interconnected, bringing people of different
cultures together for various reasons. Opportunities to work, study and interact with people of
different cultures are constantly presenting themselves, and this calls for skills that make it an
easy tr...

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