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Prepare a 1,400 word paper on the state of mediator qualification law in California. 

What is your opinion in the confidentiality versus good-faith requirement controversy as it applies to your state?

Research the state of mediator qualification in your state.

Is there one statute or regulation that covers all mediators, or are different specialties required to meet different qualification standards? Does your state describe explicit requirements or defer to a professional organization to set standards? Do court mediators have one set of qualifications and private mediators have another?

Choose one kind of mediator qualification law within your state and look at the standards in detail. Does the law require a particular professional background; for example, do the mediators have to be lawyers, therapists, or social workers? What is the nature and scope of any required mediation-specific training or education? Are prospective mediators required to apprentice a mentor and, if so, for how long? Are qualified mediators required to fulfill mediation-specific continuing education requirements? If so, what are the requirements?

Reference at least three peer-reviewed outside sources. 

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. Use Headers to identify sections of your paper [i.e. 4 sets of questions above].

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