The Three Main Problems of Marketing Strategy Implementation Essay

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What are the three main problems of Marketing Strategy Implementation? Explain why marketing

implementation is difficult for many firms by discussing how these difficulties are due to the differences in the

relationship between strategic planning and marketing implementation.

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Marketing Strategy Implementation

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Marketing Strategy Implementation
What are the three main problems of Marketing Strategy Implementation?
Marketing strategy implementation refers to the process of turning marketing
strategies into actions. This means that the business will bring the marketing plan to life. The
development and evolution of the marketing field have brought forth challenges and
difficulties in keeping up with the trends. Firms need to ensure an organization of marketing
strategies to ensure that the firm performs exceptionally and successfully. There are different
problems with marketing strategy implementation; unanticipated changes in markets,
incompatible organizational structure, and poor monitoring and evaluation process. The first
problem of marketing strategy implementation is unanticipated market changes. Due to the
evolution of the marketing fields, some changes may not be expected that can significantly
affect implementation. The continuous changes may need continuous recasting of strategic
marketing plan implementation approaches to the strategy already in place (Johnston &
Tennens, 2005). This ...

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