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One common dilemma faced by child psychologists is determining who the “client” is. Given that children are typically brought to treatment by their parents, how would you handle a child who confides in you some illicit behavior and asks you not to tell his or her parents?

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Outline Minors Psychiatric Assessment

A healthy therapeutic connection between a therapist and a patient is built on the
foundation of confidentiality. When a client knows that his or her therapist will keep his
or her personal information confidential, he or she is more likely to communicate deeply
personal ideas, emotions, and experiences. However, there are times when it is important
to compromise confidentially.

In the given scenario, the first approach would be to have an honest discussion with the
child regarding his or her issue. It is important to determine if the consumption of illicit
substances was only a one-time experience or is a behavior that is most likely to continue.

When it comes to addiction treatment, confidentiality is essential. Despite the fact that
kids do not have the same rights and benefits as adults, confidentiality is nevertheless a
vital aspect of their care.

Confidentiality laws are in place to safeguard practitioners from damage while also
holding them responsible for their activities.

In conclusion to this case scenario analysis, discussin...

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