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Describe how the African slave trade began, the nations involved in the trading practice, and how it affected Africa.

Nov 18th, 2017

Europeans needed to colonize the Americas and required an expansive workforce to begin building an economy. To begin with they brought over European laborers and caught Native Americans into subjection. The ruins were European laborers were low in number as Europe was simply recuperating from losing more than halfs ifs populace to dark passing. Additionally Native Americans were biting the dust in extensive numbers because of first time introduction to European malady and numerous could escape as they knew the Americas better than the Europeans.

Europeans now required another wellspring of work and Africa had a lot of individuals kingdoms which were at that point exchanging with Europeans and Arabs slaves. They were safe to European infection fabricated solid, didn't know there path around the Americas and were utilization to tropical atmosphere. So the new wellspring of slaves was in Africa.

The Triangle exchange worked like this:

Europe - Africa - New world and back to Europe and so on

Europe- Produced the crude materials ie weapons and alcahol transported them to Africa.

Africa - Traded murmur hostages or gold for the crude materials

New world- Traded slave made merchandise ie tropical sustenance sugar and cotton for African hostages

Europe - Traded the slave made merchandise for crude materials and after that they would do likewise cycle once more.

European Nations included purchased 32 million Africans

Portugal 35.4%

England 23.8%

Spain 22.1%

France 14.1%

Holland 4.4%

Denmark 0.2%

African Nations supply of 32 million hostages

Nigeria 22%

Majority rule Republic of Congo 20%


Ghana: 10.3%

Republic of Congo 6.3%

Cameroon: 5%

Senegal: 4%

Benin: 4%

Mozambique 3%

Guinea 2.4%

Togo 2.1%

Tropical Guinea: 2%

Madagascar: 1.6%

Sierra Leone: 1%

Cote d' Ivoire: 1%

The Gambia: 0.8%

Liberia 0.7%

Gabon: 0.6%

Guinea-Bissau 0.2%

New World Destinations purchased 18 million Africans

South & Central America 50.4% (Brazil 35.4% alone)

Caribbean 45.2%

North America (USA) 4.4%

40 million Kidnapped or made hostages

32 million made due to African coasts and sold to Europeans

18 million made due to the new world

22 million aggregate loss of life

Slave Trade and foundations of servitude starting & Abolishment course of events

1502 Portugal conveyed first African prisoners to New world (Today Brazil)

1600s Britain, Spain, France, Holland and Denmark start association in the Atlantic Slave Trade.

1619 Dutch conveyed first African prisoners to North America (today USA)

1807 Britain outlaws the Atlantic Slave Trade

1808 USA criminals its contribution in the Atlantic Slave Trade

1813 Argentina cancels its establishment of subjugation

1823 Chile cancels its establishment of subjugation

1824 Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica cancels its establishment of subjugation

1829 Mexico cancels its establishment of slaver

1831 Brazil was the last nation to criminal its contribution the Atlantic Slave Trade.

1833 British Empire cancels its establishment of subjugation in its states


# Denmark cancels its establishment of subjugation in its states

# France cancels its establishment of subjugation in its states

1851 Peru cancels its establishment of subjugation

1859 Last recorded ship unlawfully touched base in the USA with slaves on board.

1863 Holland cancels its establishment of subjugation in its states

1865 USA cancels its establishment of subjugation

1873 Puerto Rico cancels its establishment of subjugation

1886 Cuba cancels its establishment of subjugation making all Spanish states nullified all manifestations of servitude.


# Brazil nullify its foundation of bondage. The rearward in the Americas

# Last Slave boat crossed the Atlantic wrongfully to Brazil.

Mar 26th, 2015

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Mar 26th, 2015

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Mar 26th, 2015

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Nov 18th, 2017
Nov 18th, 2017
Nov 18th, 2017
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