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Native Americans and their great contributions to the success of the World War ll

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MULTICULTURAL ISSUES ASSIGNMENT #1 Sociologist, Policy Markers, and Educators have long debated the plight of the Native Americans in the United States since the arrival of Christopher Columbus. Discuss the Native Americans and their great contributions to the success of the World War II. Guidelines: 1) 2) 3) 4) Give Native American historical perspective Their contribution to the WW II Cover and Reference Page 4 references TENTATIVE TEST AND ASSIGNMENT SCHEDULE: catoardiogum tisu (A) TIOS ABSTRACTS: 2 antoizzazione il to eiga Requirements: noizzor grote To be eligible for credit, your abstract must have the following: polow- 1) Must be typed and double spaced out on the logo 2) Must not be a recap of the story you have read 3) Must be three (3) pages in length 4) Must include your own opinion 5) Must correlate to issues you have learned about in class or community issues 6) Must have at least four (4) references 7) Must have Cover and Reference Pages Due Dates: September 14, 2017
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The Participation of the Native Americans in World War II
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World War II, which started in 1939 initially never involved the United American Nation.
However, an attack on the Pearl Harbor in 1941 forced the Americans to participate in this war.
The American Nation urged its people to gather arms across the country as to counter attack the
enemies who were now inside their boundaries. Among the minority population who drew their
support to defend their soil were the African Americans, Native Americans among others. The
Native Americans, however, did the unexpected. Among the very many minorities that initially
were reluctant in joining the war, the Native Americans quickly assembled to defend their country.
The reason for this fast reaction was that it seemed the attack on the Pearl Harbor had reawakened
the ancestral warrior blood in the Native Americans. The Natives were, therefore, willing to
overlook the disappointment they had faced from the Whites to defend their country.
The number of the Natives Americans who participated in World War II actually shows
the importance of this group in ...

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