dicuss the GAAP as used in accounting

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in a 5 page paper, dicuss the GAAP as used in accounting

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SWOT analysis is a process of identifying one’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and
threats. The aim of this analysis is to exploit opportunities using the strengths and avoiding
threats posed by weaknesses. When opening a coffee business like any other business, one
requires conduct feasibility studies and market survey so as to get the economic analysis right.
As a matter of fact, one has to get the economic analysis right if there is any intention of building
the business is to generate profits, grow the business and perhaps expand the business beyond
one location.


The economic analysis for a coffee firm needs to critically examine the following factors
the so called 4 Ps, i.e., place, pricing, product and promotion(Harrison,2007). These factors one
has to pay a regular review at a regular interval while running the coffee business.

The coffee business has to stand out from its competitors. Therefore, the business has to
identify its strengths. One way of identifying these strengths is by pinpointing the niche within
the market such as serving homemade desserts or having distinctive ambiance(Gilmartin,2008).
Correspondingly, one has to identify some of the things that my drive the customers repeatedly
to the café. Another strength might be the impeccable location of the business(Gilmartin,2008).
This is where it is largely monopoly. An excellent brand name and the brand visibility is another
strong factor to be put into the consideration. Valued and motivated employees with a good
working environment, will help the business to thrive and excel greatly(Harrison,2007).
As the elections dust settles down in county level, I must admit that County Governments need to
rise on the occasion that politics is over and we start serious discussions. Am still astonished to
witness that nurses are still on strike despite the County Governments offices have new occupants,
except a few that retained their old guards. As by, 90% gubernatorial revolution happened on
county politics, meaning fresh blood in these offices is in play. Before, I revoke my talk today on
alcoholism; allow me to deliberate on this debate.
Alcohol abuse has infiltrated Mt. Kenya region with the longest and most painful needle-pricks.
As, Prof Mukesh, my good lecturer and friend who deals with Poisons stated: “Alcohol has many
uses in human life both physical and biological but has dire consequences in excesses”.
Almost a decade ago, Mututho law-Alcohol regulation law-as Kenyans of good charms
branded it, came into effect which most Kenyans especially women sort solace on it just to be
anguished by its faultiness. Mututho law as its constituted was and is meant to protect alcohol
cartels and hurt upcoming alcohol based companies whom wish to generate good brands at expense
of poor man’s health. The law states that; you must open an operating alcohol bar or restaurant at
5pm and close by 11pm on weekdays and 2pm to close same time on weekend. Far enough, it
never states what you’re supposed to sell, giving any Dick and Harry a chance to sell anything
within that timelines. This has worsened the economy leading to loss of jobs as cartels enrich
themselves behind the law. The law by its virtue was meant to safeguard the society delinquencies
especially men whom women accus...

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