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Please review the infographic as a way to guide you in getting started with your assignment: Developing an Assignment with Integrity (Links to an external site.

This assignment will be in the format of a PowerPoint presentation (Bullet points and ‘Best Practices for PowerPoint’ should be used).

  1. You are developing this presentation as if you were going to communicate your analysis to your colleagues regarding a current federal bill you believe may be of interest to nurses.

Go to (Links to an external site.) (This is a required site for this assignment.)

Choose a current health-related federal bill of interest from the required site. Read through the bill and develop a summary of the main points in your own words. Include the bill number and name. (You may also use H.R. or S.R. as these are bills in the resolution phase).

  1. Here is a link to our U.S. legislative process (bill to law) for review if you need to review how a bill becomes a law: (Links to an external site.)
  2. For those not familiar with the development of a PowerPoint slideshow, the following link to the Microsoft Office 365 Training (Links to an external site.) may be helpful.
  3. Include the following information in your presentation
    o    Title slide (Your name, NR451, session, Healthcare Policy assignment)
    o    Bill name and number (indicate either H.B./H.R. or S.B./S.R.)
    o    Bill summary (in your own words)
    o    Address how this bill might relate to a professional nursing practice standard if passed? If not passed? (Choose one standard from the ANA Scope and Standards of Practice textbook)
    o    How might the bill impact your own nursing practice if passed? If not passed?
    o    How might you communicate your concerns about or support for this bill to peers and legislators based on nursing practice, standards, or patient outcomes?
    o    How might this bill impact your community if passed?
    o    References slide to include the Bill source in APA format.
    o    Cite the bill reference and any other reference in APA format directly on the slide where the source is used
    o    No more than 12 slides

Recommended headings for slides after the Title Slide:  Bill Identification and Summary; Impact of Bill on Nursing Practice Standard; Impact of Bill on own Nursing Practice; Communication Strategies; Community Impact of the Bill; then, the References slide.


  1. There is no required form or template for this assignment. Please use PowerPoint best practices throughout your presentation.

Best Practices

  1. The following are best practices in preparing this presentation.
    •    Review directions and rubric thoroughly prior to beginning assignment.
    •    Watch the short video tutorial on tips for completing the assignment and on developing a PowerPoint.
    •    Incorporate graphics, clip art, or photographs to increase interest.
    •    Make slides easy to read with short bullet points and large font.
    •    Please see the grading criteria and rubrics on this page.

Scholarly Sources and Citations

•    Cite all sources on the appropriate slides with (author, year) in APA 7th edition format.
•    Spell check for spelling and grammar errors prior to final submission.

  1. **Academic Integrity**

Chamberlain College of Nursing values honesty and integrity. All students should be aware of the Academic Integrity policy and follow it in all discussions and assignments.

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Explanation & Answer

Please view explanation and answer below.

NR 451


H.R. 2877: Behavioral Intervention Guidelines Act of 2021

This bill proposes an amendment to the Public Health Service Act.

It proposes the development of best practices for the establishment and use of behavioral intervention teams at school and for

other purposes.

Its primary focus, behavioral health, is a factor that influences not only nurses but other healthcare professionals as well.

With an understanding of behavioral health, healthcare providers can support patients and clients emotionally, an integral
prerequisite for the provision of effective healthcare.


This bill requires the Department of Health and Human Services to develop best practices for establishing behavioral
intervention teams in educational settings.

Over time, the necessity and importance of behavioral interventions in academic settings has been established (Little, 2010).

It directly influences the healthy development of children, impacting them positively in all aspects.

As a result, there has been an emphasis to develop best practices for establishing and identifying behavioral interventions in
educational settings.

In this bill, the necessity of skilled and versed professionals is emphasized.


This bill dictates that the behavioral teams should be deployed at every academic institution.

These teams would aid in identifying and addressing associated behavioral health issues, preventing harm to
individual students and others.

The h...

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