emergence of early Greek and Roman drama came the development of satyr plays

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  1. With the emergence of early Greek and Roman drama came the development of satyr plays, which history has shown were bawdy in nature and contained dialogue and imagery that some people today might find offensive (in fact, an internet search of Greek and Roman pottery will find many adult-oriented pieces). Throughout time, theatre artists have always “pushed the limits” of decency – a sense of decency that is subjective and can be interpreted differently by different people.In today's world, film and television (even video games and music) have ratings systems, but live stage theatre still does not a formal ratings system. This journal is to reflect on and respond to the following questions:
    • if theatre was to institute a ratings system, informing audiences of theatrical works containing sexual situations, adult language and/or violence, would you consider it a hinderance to the growth of theatre?
    • in your opinion, would a ratings system in theatre be considered censorship of the artist or merely a marketing strategy to increase sales (assisting the public in making a decision)?
    • why or why not?
    • include one example of a production, event, project or artist that would benefit and/or suffer
    Create your response, in the Assignment submission box below (not in the Comments field), as a journal or diary entry. This response will not be read by your fellow classmates. The journal should be 1-2 pages long, approximately 400-500 words minimum. Be careful of spelling, grammar, capitalization, and punctuation...proofread and edit your work as necessary. If including a video or internet link, please cite your sources. This assignment will be graded according to the Journal Rubric attached.

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Running Head: Ratings system in theatres


Instituting a ratings system in theatres
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Running Head: Ratings system in theatres

Would it be a hindrance to the growth if theatre was to institute ratings systems?
In essence, films have been rated for their contents since the 1970s. Television shows started
rating for violence and sex in this recent past. However, there is a continued debate of whether
theatres should be rated and if they were to be rated, what form would they take. Would they be
rated basing on numbers and letter or number of simulated killing or genitals (Shepherd, 2013).
Would they be rated for bad language, violence or sex? What the standards that should be
In my opinion, I think and strongly oppose the idea of rating theatres. It is a dreadful idea; theatre
ratings can only be prejudicial, misleading, and confusing. In other words, theatre ratings cannot
be objective and would always be a reflection of biasness of the individual assigning such
ratings. Theatres should be faculties of open exchanges of ideas and free thoughts. They should
not be minimized, trivialized by rating systems (Shepherd, 2013). Theaters should not be
subjective to labeling that prejudice or pre-judges efforts for the people before they can be given
a chance to fully experience themselves. Live theatres ar...

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