Summarize a Research paper on Logistic Regression

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You will need to write a summary of the attached Research Paper. The research paper is about 'using logistic regression to estimate the influence of an accident'.

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Hei there,No more need for +1 h as I managed to finish the summary right now and I am attaching it to this message as a Microsoft Office file (.docx) entitled "Summary of accident severity logistic". I followed your guidelines and wrote everything with an 11 font and 1 line space.The summary consists of 3 main points which were all available in the article1.Introduction to the study2.Background regarding logistic regression3.Study SummarI avoided writing all those very complicated formulas which I find extremely hard for anyone to memorize, so I focused more on the main ideas of the article and the results of each calculus as that is the point of the study.Briefly explanation of the article: The article actually uses logistic regression in order to calculate the risk of accident ( especially that accident which caused at least one death ) based on different factors like age , location, cause, vehicle type, age of the driver, etc. Based on the study the location and the cause were the only ones that , after the calculus, seem to have the biggest impact and because of the author focused on it for further research. ----------Plagiarism for the paper shows 0% (just check it now)I also put it through my Grammarly soft, and everything seems fine ( it wouldn't be a bad idea for you to check it too to make sure I didn't miss anything)I am looking forward to hearing from you i...

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