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PRETERIT or IMPERFECT? A. Conjugate the verbs as directed. 1. hablar (preterite) yo 2. necesitar (imperfect) los chicos 3. estudiar (preterite) ellos 4. cantar (preterite) La Srta. Juarez 8. estudiar (imperfect) tú 5. trabajar (imperfect) tú 9. bailar (preterite) ella 6. comprar (imperfect) ustedes 10. bailar (imperfect) nosotros 7. necesitar (preterite) usted B. Choose the correct form of the verb. You must decide whether to use preterite or imperfect, and you must conjugate the verb correctly. 11. The children were talking. Los niños . 12. The girls spoke to the professor. Las chicas con el profesor. 13. I needed more books. Yo más libros. 14. We washed the dishes. los platos. 15. We were washing the dishes. los platos. 16. You (informal) used to study with Juan. con Juan. 17. I studied with Juan for three hours. Yo con Juan por tres horas. 18. María worked in a restaurant for a while. María en un restaurante por un rato. 19. Juan and Eva worked in the hospital for six months. Juan and Eva en el hospital seis meses. 20. She used to call me every night. Ella me cada noche.
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