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Prior to completing this assignment, review all Chapters from Weeks 1 through 3 in your textbookLinks to an external site., including this week’s Chapter 9. Review all prior articles that apply to your project plan. You may also review areas of the A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide)Links to an external site. that specifically support your individual project development, particularly those covering project management concepts and practices. Conduct research using least six scholarly, peer-reviewed, or credible sources to support your assignment.

This week you will design a presentation based on the project management concepts of: Risk Management, Quality Management and Evaluation by developing a summary of these three elements for your individual Health Informatics Implementation Project. In this assignment you will develop the Power point slides for Section 3 of the Week 5 Informatics Implementation Project Proposal. The executive level PowerPoint presentation should be appropriate to be reviewed on the agenda of a Board of Directors meeting and illustrate an outline of financial, technical and operational risks and mitigation steps, anticipated clinical and business quality metrics to be measured and any qualitative and/or quantitative measures to be used to evaluate the effectiveness of the project. Formulate your presentation to be concise and comprised of no more than eight slides total.

In your presentation, you will do the following: Please complete less on slides and more in the speaker notes

  • Design your risk management plan including the identification and mitigation strategy for the projects most significant technical, financial and operational risks
  • Formulate statements to address which aspects of organizational clinical and financial quality measures are addressed by this informatics implementation
  • Explain the strategy that you will use to evaluate the effectiveness of the informatics implementation project including technical, operational and financial effectiveness
  • Analyze how your project level risk management plan differs from risks faced at a program level where this project is part of multiple informatics system implementations

The executive level PowerPoint presentation should be appropriate to be reviewed on the agenda of a Board of Directors meeting (without cartoonish graphics) and illustrate a high-level timeline for the project, anticipated project costs and anticipated human and other capital resources needed. The presentation must be ­­­­between six and eight content slides, not including the title slide and references slides. Add speaker's notesLinks to an external site. to the bottom of each slide for ease of narration and to provide accessible content to students with accessibility needs.

Creating the PowerPoint

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Explanation & Answer

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Individual Project Plan
Presentation—Risk, Quality, &
Project Evaluation
Student’s Name

• Health informatics play a significant role in today’s world of

• It has been used to great lengths to influence both patient care
and outcomes efficiency.

• The key goals of patient care is offering high-quality care.
• This presentation focuses on the implementation of health
informatics based on the project management concepts.

Risk Management Plan
• Risks are always inevitable.
• These risks in...

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