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I am needing a sample of a demonstration speech in APA style

Mar 30th, 2015

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Mar 30th, 2015

Demonstration Speech APA Style;


 My favorite book is a homemade one filled with family recipes. This cookbook originated with my daughter’s request. This cookbook is an effective way to collect and store your recipes. Today I will show you the four steps in making your own personal cookbook.

Transition: Like many projects let’s start by gathering materials.

Mar 30th, 2015


I) The first step  gather the materials.

1). There are several supplie" that are essential to complete the project".

2) The first item is 3ring binder.

3) The Third" item is paper  for recipes and for making the cover.

4) The forth item is double sided tape.

5) The five item is scissors.

2) supplies are optional.

1)Scissors that cut decorative" edges are another.

2) Divide are also optional.

3). Stickers to enhanc the cover are also anothe



I. The 3 steps in making a personal recipe book.

1) The first step is gathering the materials

2) The second step is creating the cover

3) The third step is copying the recipes

5) The fourth step is assembling the book.

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Mar 30th, 2015

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Apr 1st, 2015

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Mar 30th, 2015
Mar 30th, 2015
Aug 21st, 2017
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