CJC 132 FAYTECHCC Week 2 Illegal Immigrants and the ICE Paper

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CJC 132

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This discussion board assignment, like the reading assignment, will assist students in obtaining mastery of the Module and Course Outcomes. It will also fulfill the General Education Competencies of (a) communicating effectively using the conventions of American Standard English and (b) using critical thinking skills to analyze problems and make logical decisions.

Discussion Board Topic:

  • Do you believe that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcements (ICE) abuse their power when it comes to illegal immigrants in the United States. Do you agree with their principles and treatment of immigrants? Explain, why or why not? Watch, "VICE," video in resources and expound further on ICE procedures and policies.

Grading Criteria: Discussion Boards consist of 20% of your final grade. Including your Initial thread/post and your reply to two students.

For a top score, you must respond constructively to at least five other students. More extensive participation will be noted.

Specifications Post your opening response to the question early in the assignment period so that others have time to respond to you.

Discussion Board Initial Post:

  1. At least 200 words
  2. Use reliable sources to substantiate your work and to provide examples. (Include in-text citations and a reference list)
  3. Limited use of quotations
  4. Be thorough and fully explain your points
  5. Full grading criteria can be found in My Grades, by clicking on "View Rubric"

Discussion Board Responses:

  1. Must post at least two responses with a minimum of 150 words. The purpose is to engage in a conversation by asking questions, providing thoughtful insight and new information to the conversation, and even sparking a friendly debate.
  2. Whether you agree or disagree with a classmate, ensure that you you provide detail as to why.
  3. Do not critique grammar, writing style or format.
  4. Back your opinions up with evidence, data and/or case studies.
  5. Be engaged in the conversation.
  6. Full grading criteria can be found in My Grades, by clicking on "View Rubric"

This assignment fulfills/supports

  • Module Outcome 1 & 2
  • Course Outcome 1
  • General Education Competency: Communicate effectively using the conventions of American Standard English in professional and academic environments, use critical thinking to analyze problems and make logical decisions, demonstrate socialization skills that support cultural awareness and a global perspective, and demonstrate computer literacy.

Resources Using Discussion Boards - Blackboard Student Tutoria youtube link for video https://youtu.be/qPaH3wD0ttM

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Explanation & Answer

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Discussion: Illegal Immigrants and the ICE

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I believe that the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) overreach their
mandate when they arrest and detain people who are living and working in the United States
without proper documentation. ICE should focus on deporting people who have committed
serious crimes, not detaining and deporting people living and working here peacefully. From the
VICE video on the massacre at the Mexican border, it is clear that ICE is not just t...

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