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Mar 30th, 2015

 the zeros for this question is the value for qhich polynomial becomes zero

 so zeros are 0,3,-4

multiplicity are the powers of the zeros of the equation

multiplicity of 0 is 2

                  of 3 is 1

                 of -4 is 1

the crossings can be found from zeros..

          crossing of 0 is (0,0)

                         of 3 is (3,0)

                          of -4 is (-4,0)

this is even degree polynomial with positive leading coefficient

so the graph will behave roughly like a quadratic: up on both ends or down on both ends. Since the sign on the leading coefficient is positive, the graph will be up on both ends.

The degree of the polynomial is the largest power of x in the polynomial

when we expand this polynomial x^4 will be there...which will be the largest power of x

so the DEGREE=4

the number of turning points is degree -1 or less

so the maximum degree is 4-1


the power function is the term in the form of ax^n

so the power function here is x^2

Mar 30th, 2015

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Mar 30th, 2015
Mar 30th, 2015
Sep 26th, 2017
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