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Peer Review

Medical courses are among the most involving and exciting courses to pursue. For instance, while pursuing their nursing degrees, students are expected to complete every assignment as asked by their professors. However, while working on their assignments, students are expected to utilize peer-reviewed sources. In academics, peer review refers to the system used to evaluate the quality of any manuscript before its publication. While doing this task, independent researchers in the relevant areas of studies consider the submitted manuscripts to ascertain validity, significance, and originality to assist editors in identifying whether the manuscript should be published in their journals (Kloda, 2015).

Evidence-based practice (EBP) is a vital tool that ensures that nursing practices are based on the results of previous cases. The documents used in finding some of the EBP have gone through peer review hence authentic and relevant. Therefore, in evidence-based practice, peer reviews help ensure the information provided is reliable and up-to-date.

As earlier indicated, peer review is a vital component before manuscripts are published. However, three ways can be utilized to facilitate peer review. This includes providing practice opportunities for peer review. The practice goes collectively with teaching as learners study the basics of effective peer review. It is helpful for students to practice on a sample before they find their way down on a peer review checklist. Secondly, students should be taught the skills they need to review. Tutors should never assume that their students understand how to peer review, even without lecturing them. While guiding the students, the instructors should provide feedback with specific examples. Lastly, the instructors should ensure that the learners understand the importance of peer review. This will make them take peer review more seriously.

In conclusion, students are expected to use peer-reviewed articles while writing their assignments. Peer review in EBP ensures the reliability and authenticity of the article. However, peer review can be facilitated using the three criteria discussed above.

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Peer Review Response Two


Peer Review Response Two
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