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Describe the impacts of the forensic psycholgy on the police force

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The Value Forensic Psychology Influence on Police Professional Interaction in Macro
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The value of Forensic Psychology on Police Professional Interaction in Macro Communities
The value of forensic psychology is seen in shaping the relationship between the police
and the citizens when enforcing the law and policies.
Forensic psychology plays an important role in coming up with the criminal investigation
through its role in studying the behavioral roles of humans in these macro communities which
are equally vital.
The well-advanced psychologist plays an important role in post trials cases since they
perform expert findings in these trials (McLeod, 2019). They work in various fields from being
an expert witness in crime detection to the rehabilitation of the accused to mentoring their mental
health selectively in the jurisdiction.
In conclusion, forensic psychology is an important tool when implementing the
community policing. The important part of forensic psychology is based on the social interaction
with different parties in a community.
Their roles in bringing up a flawless depend on the completion of criminal behavior
during the act of acquiring this evidence. Forensic psychology also influences integrity check in
witnesses involved as it depends on external factors and sometimes falsifies the information
during conviction.


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