Should prescribed birth control be allowed

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The Debate on Prescription Birth Control
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Ever since human beings came into existence, people have been procreating very rapidly.
Before any medical discoveries had been made, the only way to prevent child birth was to
abstain from sexual intercourse. As time went on and more things were discovered and created
for the control of human reproduction, people have been taking advantage of these things in
order to avoid unwanted pregnancies. With all of the methods of birth control that are available
today, people are able to prevent unwanted pregnancies in so many ways. The most popular
way to prevent pregnancies today is the birth control pill. Birth control pills are extremely
important to be prescribed to the general population in order for people to have some control of
the overpopulation of humans in the world, avoid unwanted pregnancies for people and couples
who are not ready for a child, and to allow women to have a regular menstrual cycle along with
other health benefits.
It is a widely known fact that the human population is too high, and there are a lot of facts
to prove this. Some of the environmental issues that show evidence of this world are that
humans are “silently aggravating the forces behind global warming, environmental pollution,
habitat loss, the sixth mass extinction, intensive farming practices and the consumption of finite
natural resources” (“Effects of Human Overpopulation”, 2013). So many of our natural
resources are being depleted and our environment is continuously getting worse. One of the
biggest threats to the world is global warming which is the cause of many natural disasters. It is
caused by pollution and the massive amount of human waste. The less people there are, the less
pollution and waste there will be.



Starting in 1951, “The creation of "the pill," as it was widely known, was spurred by
[Margaret] Sanger, who raised funding for the project and recruited biologist Gregory Pincus and
physician John Rock to develop the pill” (Kauffman, 2011, p.10). Margaret Sanger was the main
activist for the creation because she believed that it should be a woman's right to decide if she
wanted to have children or not. Up until the FDA's approval of the birth control pill in 1960,
many families were comprised of over five children. This amount of children was not only
tough to handle for families, but it was also expensive. This inevitably caused a lot of families to
be impoverished. Condoms were available since they were discovered in 1855, but if a family
was impoverished or lacked transportation, it was not always easy to obtain condoms. Also, they
can be inconveniencing in the heat of the moment. People have the tendency to be so caught up
in the moment that they may not think about the possible consequences and succumb to their
sexual urges regardless.
Abortions were not even legal until 1973 with the Roe v. Wade case. So up until the
second half of the twentieth century, birth control was not available and abortions were not even
allowed. Women were basically forced to have children that weren't necessarily wanted. Many
women even went against the law in order to get abortions illegally. An example of this
happening occurred in the book The Cider House Rules. This book (which was also made into a
movie) was about a doctor who performed illegal abortions because he believed that women
should have a choice about bearing children. Doctor Larch made an amazing point about this
and that was “Is it a democratic society that condemns people to the accident of conception?
What are we-monkeys? If you expect people to be responsible for their children, you have to



give them the right to choose whether or not to have children” (Irving, 1985). No one should be
forced to do something against their will, especially in a democracy such as the United States.
This severely decreased the parents' quality of life because they to take care of a vast amount of
children at once. Proof of how many married people had always wanted to prevent unwanted
pregnancies is the fact that after the pill became available in 1960, “By 1965, one out of every
four married women in America under 45 had used the pill” (Knowles, 2009, p. 10). Couples
were able to make love to each other as much as they wanted to without the chance of
procreation and it most likely enhanced their sex lives.
Even though brain functioning is superior to other mammals, human beings are still
mammals also. Because of this, sexual urges can not always be controlled. Every person has the
right to decide if they want a child to come out of their pleasure. Even if a man wants to have a
child, it should ultimately be the woman's decision considering she will be the one carrying and
bearing the child. Margaret Sanger strongly believed that “A woman has a right to control her

Everyone should be able to decide when or whether to have a child.

should be wanted and loved.

Every child

Women are as entitled as men to sexual pleasure and fulfillment”

(Knowles, 2009, p. 1). The birth control pill was a pivotal part of the Women's Rights
Movement. It is a woman's right and natural urge to enjoy sexual intercourse as much as men
without having to worry about an unwanted child and bodily changes coming out of their sexual
Human relationships are extremely important and an unwanted pregnancy can ruin a
couple's relationship. Before having children, a couple should be able to do what they want to do



on their own. They should have a romantic period where they can enjoy the company of just
each other. Throwing a child into the mix too early can make the couple not fully get to know
each other and the relationship is more likel...

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