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In analyzing your comments, I will be looking for an indication that you have read the article and that you are able to critically analyze some part of the article. I am expecting you to write a minimum of 500 words and I don’t want you to merely repeat statements or arguments made in the article. Some of the things you might write about are flaws you see in a particular argument made by the author, potential applications in the business world for recommendations made in the article, similarities or differences between the article you are commenting on and other articles in the book, other points the author might have made to support his/her/their arguments, or responses to comments posted by other students (if you do this, merely stating that “I agree/disagree with _______” will not get you maximum credit for your posting unless you go on to explain why you agree/disagree with a particular comment).

1. a report on the current health of the media pages 289-298 2. new business opportunities: changes consumer markets pages 302-316 3. what do organizations do to manage diversity pages 326-337 4. work-life balance issues: changing when and how the work gets done pages 338-346 

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Article Review and Short Discussion

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Article Review and Short Discussion

Article Review: The Ethics of Workforce Diversity

Summary of the Main Points
According to Chapter 37 of Harvey & Allard (2014), doing the right thing is always good
for business results. However, the question remains: is it enough? Is there an ethical justification
for valuing diversity in the workplace? The pragmatic business arguments suggest that diversity
is desirable in business. These arguments are based on economic analysis rather than ethical
ones. This Chapter’s conclusion attempts to bridge between the good (ethics) and the practical
(business). Valuing diversity means appreciating, respecting and valuing the differences (race,
ethnicity, sexual orientation, education, age, and gender, among others) that make people unique
(Harvey & Allard, 2014). Business location and poor working conditions are some of the factors
that try to explain a diverse workforce. The economic arguments for diversity are based on a link
between desired business outcomes and diversity. The most compelling is the link between
abilities to connect with a broad spectrum of customers and a workforce that brings different and
valuable perspectives.
The rise of globalization has helped strengthen the role that connections play in business
transactions and make this market-driven argument of diversity increasingly significant.
Managers, through globalization, have realized that a firm is about associations. In other words, a
great potential for deep, long-lasting associations and the broader capability to communicate
across cultures is achieved by the more diverse the workforce is (Harvey & Allard, 2014).
Businesses are more likely to hire capable managers when recruiting workers from a larger, more
diverse labor pool. As a nontraditional workforce, workforce diversity will probably be more
capable and creative in accepting and implementing change. Diversity also increases the
potential for creativity. These arguments rely on the organization’s resource-based theory, which
means the organization is poised. Such firms are always ready to maximize the benefits provided
in the external environments. Competitors will be unable to imitate the resources if they are more
distinctive. An example of such a difficult-to-imitate resource is a diverse workforce with
established customer relationships.
British Petroleum (BP) needs to establish relationships in order to extract oil and gas in
Russia, Mexico, and West Africa while competing for markets in other nations like Europe and
China. According to the economist Milton Friedman, increasing profits is the sole responsibility
of any business, which can be achieved by utilizing its resources and engaging in activities
designed to increase its profits. However, businesses are needed to compete within the
established rules, i.e., engaging in free and open competition without fraud or competition. The
three categories of ethical theories include the means or process of a decision (how do we arrive
at a decision); it looks at the likely consequences or outcomes of a decision to address what is
good and bad; it looks at the caring aspects of decisions. Chinese assumptions concerning ethical
decisions tend to be relationship-based and particularism. Deontological theory is a category of


ethical theories that argues that people have a duty to tolerate differences at least. Diversity in
some situations may be understood to be good in and of itself and a duty. Teleological is another
category, including caring and ethical theories.
Article Review
Following the reading and summarizing of this article, it can be said that this article has
significantly provided relevant points on the issues that ail today’s businesses from achieving
their full potential in a world full of opportunities. Workplace diversity remains one of the most
vital aspects of business that guarantees a successful business. Focusing on this aspect of
workplace diversity in this article provides readers with the necessary knowledge to fulfil ethical
responsibility. Understanding and managing diversity is very crucial for increasing the potential
for creativity. Workplace diversity is one of the most ignored aspects of businesses today; let it
play a greater role in facilitating growth and improving profitability. Due to the globalization
process, a rapid shift in the overall business environment is becoming more diverse. The focus
of every organization is the commitment to driving strength via inclusion and diversity and
cultivating leaders with a passion for adopting and implementing the inclusion strategy.
Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) has been one of the most ignored aspects of the business
environment that remains unsolved by many organizations. Ethics plays an important role today.
Businesses are able to transact legally because they are guided by the laws of principles and
ethics set by the culture and firm. As such, they assist in aligning with the overall approach
(penetration and market development), in that, to penetrate and develop the market, the
organization's values have well been built to ensure the success of its strategies. In most cases,
customers are attracted to organizations that keep integrity, practice ethics, promote fairness, and
always practice honesty. A diversity management plan is a vital aspect of an organization's
overall success and development. The possible causes of diversity include business policies,
organization’s structure, lack of understanding about the importance of inclusion and diversity
(D&I), and HR management laws of employment. The key players include the manager,
workers, HR department, and suppliers. It is recommended that the organization should
implement recruitment and hiring process policies that incorporate individuals from different
cultural backgrounds.
The article should also on the practical side of implementing workplace diversity rather
than just focusing on the theoretical aspects of diversity. For instance, businesses should make
the most out of diversity within any marketplace by creating an inclusive and robust cultural
environment that incorporates all workforces. Also, the business structure should be built to
promote greater inclusion of workers from different cultural backgrounds. Also, the diversity
management strategy employed by firms should have diversity-friendly policies and diversity
training programs for leaders, which ...

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