The United States is a land of immigrants and cultures

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Task 9

Final Project

Work on your final project.

Complete final draft of Project

The United States is a land of immigrants and cultures. Various cultures have made up the nation that we see today. Please complete your final project in which you write a short (3-4 page double spaced) background of the immigration of the following groups to the US: Irish and Germans in the 1800s, Jewish and Italian immigrants in the late 1800s/early 1900s, Chinese in the 1800s, and Vietnamese in the 1960s and 1970s. Write a brief background of each group, why they came to the US (what were the factors pushing or pulling them here?), and their impact on the US.

Then, come up with a clear main argument/thesis about immigration to the US. Use the format described in this video:

Write about 2-3 pages arguing your thesis about immigration and its role in the US. Here are some questions you can consider: How does immigration impact the US today? What groups are coming to the US and why? What is the reaction of people already here? What attempts are made to stop immigration? How does immigration impact the US economy?

You should have a total of about 5-7 pages as well as a bibliography. In addition, you need to create a Powerpoint of about 6-10 slides illustrating the history of immigration to the US.

Final Answer


Irish and Germans in the 1800s
It is estimated that there was a very great emigration of the Irish and Germans in the 1800
century. I have therefore combined the different reasons as to why the two communities decided
to leave their countries.
Reason for Irish migration
It was a very difficult time of survival down in Ireland at the time. The poor, farmers and the
youth decided that they would leave and seek greener pastures. This was a period when the
country was under the Britain colonization. This therefore meant that the country was under a
very poor period and life was really difficult. The people were left having to depend on potatoes
for survival. The crops failed to grow and mature in three years successively which led to over
750,000 deaths in that period. It is during this moment that over two million Irish eventually
moved in the United States in order to seek relief from their misery.
This however was not the main reason. They were also looking for job opportunities which their
country had simply failed to give them. Things were so terrible they could barely provide the
basic needs. Another reason that I learnt was their religion. This is because Ireland was a catholic
society and it involved the church in almost all the activities that it participated in. However this
was receiving a very great opposition from British colonialists. They were concerned at how
influential it was and the people noticing this decided that they would move to land where their
religion was interfered with. Furthermore the whole concept of being colonized did not please
them. They did not have the freedom to carry out their day to day activities freely without
interference of the Britons.
Reason for Germans migration
In Germany things were slightly different. The main reason why the Germans left their country
during this period is because of the political and religious problems that they faced. In 1848,
there was the revolutions eruption and this led to a very large migration of the Germans during
this period.
It would however be a lie to say that this was the only reason as to why the Germans left their
land. As we all know Germans take pride in owning things and leaving a legacy. Now that
Germany was no longer productive, they moved to the United States to create dominance and
also own land. The other main reason as to why the Germans moved was because the lifestyle in
Germany had become unbearable and so they needed somewhere they would seek refuge.

Jewish and Italian immigrants in the late 1800s/early 1900s
Jewish immigrants in the late 1800s/early 1900s
As we speak about Jews, I would like us to always remember that they have a connection with
Christianity. However the main reason as to why the Jewish Immigrated to America was because
they were undergoing religious persecution. This is because in the old days, the then leader of
Germany and other leaders did not like the Jews. At first allowed and accepted them but with
time the same people begun persecuting the Jews as religion went on evolving. It is after all these
that they moved to the USA because they had learnt that they would not be persecuted in this
However just like other communities this was not the only reason as to why they moved. Their
land was experiencing a drought and famine and so they moved to greener pastures. They looked
for land in which they would be able to be provide the basic needs at least for themselves and the
USA provided this and a lot more.
Italian immigrants in the late 1800s/early 1900
The main reason as to why the Italians shifted from their country was because of the political
instability. This is because of the Franco-Prussian war, which made life very difficult and thus
the people had to move. The war led to high taxes and so the people decided that they would
look for greener pastures.
However this was not the only reason. I have discovered that they were also running away from
the calamities that had strike the country. We are talking of drought, diseases and other related to
disasters. The unique feature however about the Italian migration is that its leaders also drove
them to a point of migration. This is because the leaders had become very corrupt and violent.
They only instigated war and social chaos among them and those of them also brought war.
Chinese in the 1800s
Just like other communities the Chinese also had problems in their country. Their move to
America was so that they may run away from the issues that were affecting their country. They
were faced with issues such as drought, diseases and also they were victims of war. The Opium
war made things even harder. The people therefore had to leave their country in order to look for
greener pastures. Another reason why they came is that the Chinese believed that they would
come and look for the necessarily resources that they would send back to china in order to help
their own people. This is so that they may help the families that are poor and cannot afford a
simple life.
The unique feature of the Chinese migration is that they were looking for a place to belong. They
saw America as a symbol of a place that was like heaven and that they would have a perfect life
style that was full of the positivity’s and they would flourish in America.

Vietnamese in the 1960s and 1970s
The Vietnam migration is different from all the other migrations. This is because the immigrants
were not really immigrants but were brought from the war. How is this? Before the Vietnam war,
the number of Vietnamese in the United States were only a handful, however after what has been
termed as one of the longest and worst war, the number increased. Some people came willingly
however I came to learn that most of the immigrants of Vietnam were actually forced to shift.
This is because the war was becoming worse and thus the population in Vietnam needed to be
dealt with.
The people were brought in phases as the war became intense.

The main ideas that I have seen in this migrations is that:




Most of the immigrants moved because of war. This is because during this time most
countries were still fighting whether to gain independence or some were fighting being
conquered and thus they had to go to the United States which was peaceful at the time.
Also some came looking for greener pastures. Their countries were unproductive and so
they were looking for areas in which this would be possible and the best option that came
was the United States.
Others were just looking for a piece of mind. This is because their countries were prone
to war and they were looking for areas that they would settle. This is because they just
wanted to develop and life a peaceful life.
Lastly we have those that were forced into moving. For example the Vietnam war
immigrants who were moved by the United States soldiers.

A thesis statement
Before we embark on any explanations, it would be very important to understand what we are
talking about. Well, the main idea behind this discussion is the immigration into the United
States. So what is immigration? This refers to the movement of people or animals from their
original land and they settle in different regions. This is caused by different reasons and causes.
They are always looking for areas which are better or are looking for greener pastures.
Movement in the present society is at its more terrible right now; many people can't bolster their
families and a great deal of migrants see the United States as a ticket out and see life in front of
them in America the ah, back home again. Movement influenced it to appear as though it is not
by any means a major issue in our general public and culture however for individuals in Mexico
they are encountering these things and they are experiencing a great deal of difficult
circumstances. Movement will continue expanding until the United
States governments give movement an open door and see where it goes and how it helps and a
great deal of men can give the things to their families. One noteworthy reason in movement is
destitution; today in Mexico a great deal of employment is tight and America pays unique and
individuals can furnish for their families with their United States cash. Another real reason for
illicit migration is drugs which is absolutely unlawful in the United States. Medications in the
present society are very huge and there is a considerable measure of cash in it so that is the
reason migration is still on the clock. The other real reason to movement is a superior open door
and chance at life. The United States gives significantly a larger number of things than Mexico
and a considerable measure of outsiders think the United States has a decent motivation on their
My assessment on lawful migration is very on the great side of this lawful movement. The
Joined States ought to legitimize migration for a particular reason; that reason is to give chances
to Mexican individuals and be a helping government. By authorizing migration is the hand is
more on the constructive side, since it spares a great...

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