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It cannot be denied that William Shakespeare is still important and influential world-wide. He is still the most produced playwright on the planet and his sum total of writing is still studied ad infinitum in colleges and universities everywhere. I think, personally, too many people over-do the admiration of The Bard and forget he was an actor and writer just trying to make his way in Elizabethan England. That's why you were assigned to view Shakespeare in Love and read Romeo and Juliet.

Your essay for this module should explore how your viewing of Shakespeare in Love and reading of Romeo and Juliet changed, or didn't change, your perception of Shakespeare, his life, this particular play, or anything else. We aren't pretending the movie Shakespeare in Love was realistic, but it certainly provided an entertaining view of London and the theatre that can be informative. Did the film, and how Romeo and Juliet was incorporated into the story, help with your understanding of the play? Did it enhance your understanding of how Shakespeare's plays were staged, financed, and written? It's your reaction, so let loose. Do, however, do a bit of research and find a citation or two that illuminates or supports your comments.

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