Critical Analysis of the American Revolution

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Use the primary source that I attached as evidence to support your interpretation of the following question:

Was the American Revolution solely a struggle for independence from Britain, or did it also involve efforts to make American society more democratic?

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Thesis Statements A thesis statement is not merely a statement of fact, but rather an interpretation you intend to prove. It should directly answer the question asked and it tells the reader what to expect in the rest of the paper. A thesis typically consists of a single sentence that is usually located at the end of your introductory paragraph. The rest of the paper, the body of the essay, gathers and organizes evidence that will persuade the reader of your thesis. A good thesis statement includes:  a subject (the topic if your essay)  an opinion (your interpretation of the subject)  reasoning (how you plan to prove your opinion) QUESTION: Are popular portrayals of Pocahontas more mythical than historical? POOR: Disney created a movie about Pocahontas. lacks an opinion and reasoning FAIR: Disney created a movie about Pocahontas that is more myth than history. lacks reasoning GOOD: Disney created a movie about Pocahontas that is more myth than history because it does not reference Pocahontas’s kidnapping by the English, her marriage to John Rolfe, or her travels to London. With your reasoning clearly articulated in your thesis statement, you have created a blueprint for the rest of the paper to follow.
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Critical Analysis of the American Revolution
Conflicts leading to the American Revolutionary war arose due to tensions growing
between the colonial government and the North American colonies. It is the war that led to the
Americans winning the independence against the British. However, the revolution included more
than just gaining independence from the British. The American Revolution was not solely a
struggle for independence, however, it involved efforts meant to create a more democratic
American society something demonstrated by the nature of conflicts that arose between the
American Colonies and the British before the war.
The 1765 Stamp Act that the British parliament passed created a controversy that resulted
in a destructive protest by the colonies. This was ten years prior to the war. It was not that the
Stamp Act enforced significant taxation, however, the protest was more about the new standards
set by the British government: raising funds in the absence of the colonial legislatures’ approval.
Colonies understood that by giving in to the Stamp Act’s requirements, they would encourage
more upsetting taxation during the future. For one, this is evidence that the colonies were not
acting to drive away the colonies but with an aim of creating a more democratic society where
everyone has a say in what would happen.

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Such demonstrations were meant to show the Americans’ resentment of the inequality
happening during the time. They were not happy about a few individuals who accumulated
wealth while the rest of the people had to live in poverty. As a result, the protesters destroyed
Andrew Oliver’s effigy, his house, horse-drawn coach, as well as a chaise, all of which signified
power and class (Hollitz, 62). They did the same to Governor Thomas Hutchinson 12 days later
due to resentment of the manner in which he and a group of individuals he led accumulated
wealth at the expense of the ordinary people for years. These are actions show clearly that the
colonists being sidelined while they had no say. These were efforts to create a more democratic
Again, there was the need for ending the s...

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