What is the pH of the soultions?

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Apr 2nd, 2015


now when the base is added, first a buffer solution is formed until the point the whole of the acid is used up. then the ph rises due to excess of naoh

so a)when 10ml is added,

milli moles of acid left=25*0.115-0.144*10


milli moles of salt formed=10*0.144


so pH=pka+log(salt/acid)



b)when 20 ml is added,

excess milli moles of the base=20*0.144-25*0.115


so pH=14+ log(0.005/(20+25))


c)when 30 ml is added,

excess milli moles of the base=30*0.144-25*0.115


so pH=14+ log(1.445/(30+25))


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Apr 2nd, 2015

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Apr 2nd, 2015
Apr 2nd, 2015
Sep 21st, 2017
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