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Select one of the 2021 National Patient Safety Goals.

Share your thoughts about the opportunities and challenges related to achieving the goal in your work environment.

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Opportunities & Challenges with Patient Safety Goals

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Opportunities & Challenges with Patient Safety Goals
Every year, the Joint Commission releases an annual report of the National Patient Safety
Goals, designed to provide guidelines, standards, and solutions to address patient safety and care
issues. The COVID 19 prevalent led to the need to reevaluate the health goals to ensure health
standards are met. The 2021 National Patient Safety Goals consisted of seven goals including;
identify patient safety risks, prevent mistakes in surgery, use medicine safely, improve staff
communication, prevent infection and follow CDC guidelines and hand cleaning, identify
patients correctly and use alarms safely by ensuring that medical equipment alarms are heard and
responded to on time, (The Joint Commission). These health care protocols are implemented to
ensure patient safety at each stage of patient care by advo...

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